Recently re-watched Masters of All Time. Now aside from geeking out over Clockwork’s only other appearance (oh why must I so love a character who only appeared in the entire series for about 20 minutes tops?)…


(Also he’s very frowny this episode. Must be upset that Danny just came to see him to cheat time, instead of coming over for tea or something. Clockwork, you might just need to get out a bit more…)

So, aside from that, it occurred to me to think about the lack of children Vlad and Maddie had. I decided it was probably a symptom of the loveless marriage they’re in. I also decided it made the reset button more tolerable, because otherwise there would uncomfortable issues raised about killing alternate timeline children.

Then I got to the part where Danny’s strapped to Maddie’s table, and noticed something.


When Danny tells her that he’s her son, she’s merely shocked. When he adds that he’s hers and Jack Fenton’s son, she then narrows her eyes and calls him a liar.


She doesn’t call him a liar until it’s plainly impossible by everything she knows, is my point. Which means that her shock, but not disbelief, at the idea of having a ghost son may have been because she lost a child in this verse.

And… I don’t know what to do with that inference. Did Maddie have a miscarriage in this world? Or worse, did Vlad passive-aggressively bully her into an abortion? Did she get an abortion herself, deciding she didn’t want to bring a child into a loveless marriage? Or was the child an attempt by both at making the marriage work by bringing a child into it, only to have it fracture further when that didn’t work?

And I thought this timeline couldn’t be sadder…