CAUGHT THIS ON FRANZ FERDINAND CONCERT. I mean, this thing to play on guitar (I dont know how its called in English)
This concert was the best gig in my whole life. I didnt know that four people can give me so much energy and happiness. I couldnt believe that Im seeing them for the first row for the second time and this time was even better. There are no words to discribe their perfection and power. This was the first time in my life I couldnt possibly stop crying after concert, it was like neverending cry, but it felt so good, because it was pure happiness. And they played one of my favs (if there is a song I dont like) (uhm no, there isnt) THE FALLEN and of course Bullet. And all these songs. It couldnt be better. Only maybe if they go to the audience haha.

Thank you Franz Ferdinand for your existance, my life wouldnt be as lovely as it is with you.

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still remembering clmf 2013 Florence beauty <3