I am thinking about feminists of all sorts—and how so many of us are anti-racist and anti-militarist. HRC as president will be used to disguise militarism with a friendly white female face, read as feminist. “We” -– women — will be told that the glass ceiling has been broken. “We” will hear that we are now in a post-feminist era. But this particular “we” remains too rich, too white, too imperial, too capitalist, too… And, it is not enough to hope that this elitism will resolve itself. It is crucial for U.S. women to say no to these policies of mass destruction, incarceration, and militarization, even if the strategy for doing so seems unclear. Not in our Name.

So I got really tired of seeing the image on top popping up on social media. I made the image below, not to compare Bush to Hitler but to prove a point. Lots of people liked the post when I put it up on Facebook but only one person was paying attention enough to ask for the context of the quotes. People stop letting your opinions be dictated to you by lazy, cheap, inaccurate representations of “news.” You can’t call someone a Nazi just because you don’t like them. Rant. Over.

Hillary Clinton’s Foreign Policy Is Already Terrifying

The Iraq War sank Hillary Clinton when she ran for president in 2008. The former first lady and then-US Senator’s refusal to call her vote authorizing the invasion a mistake made her seem just enough like a George W. Bush clone to alienate liberal Democrats and hand some guy named Barack Obama their party’s nomination. But she doesn’t seem to have taken the rejection to heart, and may have actually become even more prone to saber-rattling since.

In a recent interview with the The Atlantic’s Jeffrey Goldberg, the former Secretary of State talked Syria, Israel, Iraq, and the Obama Doctrine—if that’s really what we’re calling it now. In addition to all but admitting she is ready to run for the most powerful office on planet Earth two years from now, Clinton sounded a nostalgic tone for the bellicose American rhetoric of the Cold War, defended Israel’s latest brutal assault on Gaza, and knocked Obama for not meddling in foreign conflicts more often.

“Great nations need organizing principles, and ‘Don’t do stupid stuff’ is not an organizing principle,” Clinton said, offering her most aggressive criticism yet of Obama’s famously (some would say toxically) “pragmatic” approach to the world. “You know, we did a good job in containing the Soviet Union, but we made a lot of mistakes, we supported really nasty guys, we did some things that we are not particularly proud of, from Latin America to Southeast Asia, but we did have a kind of overarching framework about what we were trying to do that did lead to the defeat of the Soviet Union and the collapse of Communism. That was our objective. We achieved it.”


You [Obama] supplied weapons that killed almost 2000 people in one month in Gaza, but you’re now gonna bomb Iraq to stop genocide? Reminder: no one from the Bush and Clinton administrations has yet faced a day in jail for the deaths of 1.5 million Iraqis. ISIS is a nightmare and a scourge that keeps spreading. The US engineered and unleashed this sectarianism in Iraq, and if they did not give birth to this horror, they are certainly the midwife. Birth pangs of a new Middle East, they hoped and said. Just awful. Just fucking stop.
—  My anonymous Arab friend
When a young person turns 18, that young person should be registered to vote…And I deplore the efforts by some to restrict the right to vote.

When asked if there should be mandatory voting, Hillary Clinton said “no,” but argued ”there should be automatic registration.” She also said she wouldn’t support a return to the military draft.

Source: CNN