Mel and Tony?

During a consultation today, I started laughing so hard I almost cried…

I was chatting with a 6 year old boy about various things, and his mother brought up how tired he is in the mornings. I started to ask him about his sleeping patterns, and he mentioned that he tends to stay up a bit later (after he is supposed to go to bed), and play his nintendo DS, sometimes for a few minutes, sometimes for a few hours…

Whilst his mother wasn’t too happy, I decided to have a little word to him about how important getting a good nights sleep is, and the effect that playing on his DS might have…

Him: So wait, playing on my DS can stop me from sleeping? 

Me: Sometimes, you see because playing on your DS before you go to bed can make your brain super active, and watching a bright screen at night stops this special thing in your brain which helps you sleep! 

Him: There’s something in my head that helps sleep?

Me: There sure is, it’s this special thing called ‘melatonin' and it doesn't really like things like TV screens or DS's late at night… 

After I said this, he put his hand on his chin and had a good think for a little while… 

Him: Okay, i’ll try sleep when mum tells me to… But sometimes mum gives me milk before bed, are Mel and Tony okay with that? 

I couldn’t hold it together, I felt like I was going to burst. 

Advice to New Interns: Clinic Edition
  1. Befriend the office check-in and scheduling people. If you’re nice, they’ll cut you a break sometimes and block your last appointment if you need to leave early one day. 


  2. Don’t be too friendly to the check-in and scheduling people. If they really like you, they’ll send you tons of phone notes and crap to do when others aren’t around to do it, “because you’re so nice and I know you’ll do this little favor for me.” Those little favors add up. Also, in my experience, if they really like you, they tend to slip more walk-ins on your schedule. 
  3. Don’t leave clinic without finishing your notes. Eventually you will probably have to take a few home with you when your patient load is heavier, but don’t get in the habit of taking work home if you don’t have to. 


  4. Have a healthy fear and reverence for your clinic nurse. She or he can be your greatest supporter or your worst adversary depending on how you treat them. Also, realize when they’re overloaded and try not to make things worse for them. 

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