let’s go to meet in autumn


SONY α7 ZUIKO MC 50mmF1.4




I went on a bouldering trip to Leavenworth, Washington. There are lots of boulders in Leavenworth, and you don’t have to drive or hike very far for any of them. It’s no surprise that this is a boulderer’s hot spot.

  1. Welcome to Leavenworth. Get out of here, horse!
  2. The town was kind of on fire. Luckily there was no smoke in the valley where we were camping and climbing. Zoom in. There are two helicopters with water buckets hanging off of them.
  3. Classic: I took a big fall from the top of this one. I can do V3–V5 in the gym, but I couldn’t do a single V2 outside. The head game is a big part of it. When you’re up there, and you’ve only got crash pads below, it can be a bit nerve-wracking, which saps your energy. Still, I had a ton of fun.
  4. Heath topped out on this V4. Rolo gave beta from below.
  5. End of day one.
  6. That tree is tryin’.
  7. Sunny and Steep: Another V2. This one has a strong start and sharp fingers. But maybe it was because it was the second day and I was still feeling it from the day before. Before this, I got very close on a V3.
  8. On our way to the last bouldering spot, on a beach that’s inaccessible in the spring (due to glacial melt).
  9. Some other climbers taking a dip. I considered it, but the sun was already over the mountain and it just seemed cold.
  10. The Wave: I flashed this V1, which had a great flow. And a great view.