El Reno, OK May 31, 2013 it was the widest recorded tornado at 2.6 miles across. The darkness was intense. I felt glad to be chasing with calm sensible people. I made this image as we abandoned the chase and looked for a safe exit. Storm chase season is once again upon us. Respect the cloud. Be safe out there! #clouds #camilleseaman #climatechange #storm #sky #stormchaser #stormchasing #thebigcloud #epic #awesome #darksky #respecttgecloud

Eliminating lawn mower pollution

Cutting your grass with a gas powered mower is 11 times more polluting than driving a car.  Students at UC Riverside have developed a small device to cut down on these emissions.

Essentially it fits into the exhaust pipe and can get rid of up to 87% of pollutants:

The device can be thought of as a three stage system. First, a filter captures the harmful pollutants. Then an ultra-fine spray of urea solution is dispersed into the exhaust stream. The urea spray primes the dirty air for the final stage, when a catalyst converts the harmful nitrogen oxide and ammonia into harmless nitrogen gas and water and releases them into the air.

Their invention could be sold to consumers for around $30.  the next incoming team of students will be looking to scale it up for riding mowers and find ways to insulate it.

You can read more about the device here.

Photo by @paulnicklen. Taken while on assignment in the Ross Sea for @natgeo. Emperor #Penguins stand on the lee side of a large melting ice berg in order to hide from the wind. Over 30% of Emperor Penguin colonies are under threat from disappearing sea and glacial ice. Through @sea_legacy, @cristinamittermeier and I we will be leading donor funded expeditions to document many of the most beautiful and remote places on Earth in order to highlight the importance of healthy ecosystems, draw attention to all the creatures that rely on them, and showcase what we all stand to lose if we don’t actively protect them. @sea_legacy, #marineprotectedareas, #climatechange @thephotosociety @natgeocreative #instagramhub

The massive and historic ‪#‎ClimateMarch‬ is this Sunday in #NYC! There’s still time for you to help prepare and participate. This Thursday, Friday and Saturday, we need your help making art at @BeElectric Studio, 1298 Willoughby Ave #Bushwick #Brooklyn NY. Email julio@culturestrike.org so we know you’re coming!
And join us Sunday 10am at the march in #Manhattan! Email sonia@culturestrike.org for more info about the march.
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Niu stands in his pulaka (swamp taro) pit during a king tide in Tuvalu.

Drought and king tides have cost Niu around $5k in crop losses. He tried to build a rock wall around his pit but seawater still seeped through.

Oxfam campaigns to raise awareness of the human impacts of climate change, particularly on Pacific islanders. Visit oxfam.org.nz for more info on our work.

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Travelling Installation of 1,600 Papier- Mache Pandas by Paulo Grangeon

The installation hopes to raise awareness for the conservation of the endangered animals, French artist Paulo Grangeon created ‘1,600 pandas’ that has now shown up in more than 100 cities in 20 countries all over the world. Each paper-mache panda represents one panda that is left in the wild today.