Quizzing Students With ClickerSchool Virtual Clicker

Quizzing students has never been easier than with Eduware’s very own ClickerSchool Virtual Clicker. Our clickers can be used on the iPhone, iPad and online. After joining ClickerSchool and creating your own session, you’ll be ready to quiz your students. Here’s how to easily quiz your students—straight from your phone!


After having students log on with the session ID, you’re ready to begin the quiz. Your first question will appear on your screen with options to share all of the answers at once or to share them individually. Once you’re done sharing answer options you can start polling your students for responses. 



You can then stop polling when all of your students have responded. ClickerSchool Virtual Clicker then allows you to show response distribution (for your entire class & individual responses) and to share the correct answer.


Once the session is complete, you can email students their answers—it’s that easy!


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Clicker School Goes Mobile


Clicker School is setting a new industry standard with revolutionary classroom interaction through the use of our eduware response pads or any mobile device like smart phones, iPads, iPods, Kindles, Netbooks, or laptops.


This is online formative assessment at its best with exercises, games, and assessment activities. Contains over 52 subject courses and over 180,000 questions.

The ClickerSchool Virtual Clicker provides an easy-to-use way for teachers and students to view and answer questions, as well as record their results. This app allows you to use your mobile device as a virtual clicker. 

Educational Activities

  • Live Poll - Live Polling offers instant feedback and analysis on screen. 
  • EduRace - Dynamic animated visuals and light hearted competition make the EduRace a must-have classroom experience.
    Correct answers are translated into relative speeds and progress is shown on the screen. 
  • Tug of War - Dynamic animated visuals and light hearted competition make the Tug Of War a must-have classroom experience.
    See your team’s progress displayed at the bottom of every question.
  • Hard Copy Testing - In Hard Copy Testing, students receive on-screen feedback for answered, flagged, and current questions.
    Review comprehensive activity analysis, available immediately after Hard Copy Testing. 

 A smarter student response system for the mobile age

  • Works on ANY web enabled device
  • Schools save money by using students’ personal devices
  • Teachers save time by creating and saving activities online
  • Students receive instant feedback throughout the session
  • Performance statistics are displayed in graphs and charts
  • Students can access their accounts and view their reports from anywhere
  • Integrated chat feature allows students to chat with the teacher

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ClickerSchool Enhances Mobile Learning Presentation


Shawn Gross recently completed a successful presentation on Personalization Through Mobile Learning at the ISTE 2011 conference, which wrapped up today after four days of presentations and exchanges on technology in education. Personalization Through Mobile Learning included a special presentation of ClickerSchool, an online, robust, interactive and cross-platform polling system from Eduware Inc.


The session explored how the use of mobile learning affects individualized personal instruction. Gross also demonstrated case studies which highlighted the efficacy of his approach. Part of this demonstration utilized live polling of the audience with ClickerSchool. Gross created a live polling activity at ClickerSchool.com, which allowed the audience to participate on laptops, iPads, Androids and other web enabled mobile devices. 

The presentation was a success, demonstrating the immense opportunities of both personalized mobile learning and the efficacy of pairing it with an app like ClickerSchool.

For more information on, see the following on Gross, ClickerSchool, and Eduware.