Ok, so I’m torn between two clicker styles for my septum. I like the one in the largest picture with the alternating sizes but I also like the one in the lower right corner with the graduated sizes.

Also, I’m torn about what color faux-pals to put in them. I want something that will be bright but 1)not look like snot or blood and 2) goes with pretty much everything.

I’d like the setting to be sliver titanium (may get it anodized later but my shop can do that). I like the capri, teal, sky blues and the white. I was thinking the black but I think that would be too dark (the teal might be too dark too).

So give me y’all’s opinions. What would y’all do?

The Last of Us Infected: Clickers

Clickers are humans in the third stage of the Ophiocordyceps Unilateralis infection. Their appearance is much less human than other infected, as their faces are skewed and scarred. They have had prolonged exposure to the fungus and are completely blind; however, navigation is still possible using an adaptive echolocation (similar to that of bats). This makes an eerie clicking sound, thus earning their nickname.