Well, the time has come, guys. I’m opening up shop! Teamgetaway.bigcartel.com is now LIVE! One 8.5 x 2.75” size sticker costs $6, sans shipping. I have three designs up and each one is limited to 50 units! Don’t sleep on ‘em!

Keep in mind, this is my first experience selling things online, so if there’s any bugs, I’d be glad to get them figured out for you. If you don’t see your country in the shipping section, I’ll be glad to add it once I figure out the shipping fees.

Thank you guys for all your support! It means a ton to me, and I’ll be happy to see the stickers I designed on cars all across the world. The clickable link is in my profile! Thanks, everybody!! ‚úĆūüéä

So uh. I never actually let on just how obsessive I’ve been about HRBB. Not the full extent anyway. Let me show you (some of) it. Might be helpful for people who don’t know what to claim?

For writers who don’t know what’s still available, according to the nerve-wracking updates, with clickable links to each prompt post and artist blogs. Et cetera. Currently without ship designation, might add it later.

Red for hobbitreversebang announced filled prompts (2 writers claimed)

Green for available status no one but the mods know. Varying greens just to alternate per artist, but the reds kinda broke that (it looks weird now.)

Derek/Stiles Clickable Bookshelf Banner [x]

Recs: A small selection of Sterek fics that got me hooked into this fandom. 


Kingdom Hearts x Pok√©mon¬†»¬†‚ô•

‚Üí “Yo! Champ in the making! Radiant Garden’s Gym Leader, Leon packs a powerful punch! He shows mastery over both Fire and Steel type Pok√©mon! Be careful and don’t take this Gym for granted! Not all of the trainers here have the same kind of Pok√©mon as him!”

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The 25 Most Read H/D fic (Sept 2007 - June 2010) as voted by H/D fans:

So Frankie stans want evidence, here's your evidence

So his stans, knowing that feeds are 24/7, still want evidence. So lets go on a journey on things he has said with video evidence! (all links are clickable and are by date)

  1. He said Jocasta could kill herself
  2. He made a Ricky Martin pedophilia comment
  3. He said they should start treating Nicole like the help
  4. He said lesbians choose their sexuality (and much more in this video)
  5. He criticized Brittany as a mom (he called her kids dogs at the beginning of the video too)
  6. He really thought we would give him the 5k for TA because he’s “building schools in Africa”
  7. He said if Nicole went to him crying he would punch her in the face
  8. He was making rape jokes about Victoria to the houseguest

This is only 8 things, I’m pretty sure there is so much more but this is all I can remember. I seriously can’t think of what goes through his stans brain to keep defending this piece of shit. Please, watch all of these and reevaluate who you’re actually defending…

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Recs: Some of the many gorgeous Snarry fics from the early days (all NC-17 unless stated otherwise)

Raechelpapaya's Masterlist of fanfics

[[My blog gets pretty messy, so I figured I’d put all my fanfics into one post.]]

Kill la Kill:

Uzu x Ryuko fics:
Change series:
[Part 1], [Part 2], [Part 3], [Part 4], [Part 5]

Once Remembered (AU) series:
[Chapter 1], [Chapter 2], [Chapter 3], [Chapter 4], [Chapter 5], [Chapter 6], [Chapter 7], [Chapter 8], [Chapter 9], [Chapter 10], [Extra/Alternate Ending], [Extra/Alternate Scenario]

Favorite Time of Day

Transfer Student (AU)

Return the Favor

Rainy Nights

Burning Touch



Notice Senpai!

Almost Nudist Beach (With ladyaxis!)

Family Resemblance:
[Part 1], [Extra Chapter]


Small Talk

Delicacies for the Dearest

Good Luck Out There

Rainy Days

Baby Steps

Girl in My Dreams (slight NSFW) (with ladyaxis!)

Family Pranks

Amusement Park

The Blue Haired Mystery and the Green Haired Rival (Uzu x Ryuko x Houka fic)
Alternate endings: [ladyaxis’ version] [My version]

Shippers on Deck

Twice the Fun (UzuRyu and HouNon fic)

Imperfect is Perfect (Slight NSFW)

Babysitting Duty

Fights and Feelings

It Begins with Hello

Enemy Mine series:
[Chapter 1], [Chapter 2], [Chapter 3], [Chapter 4]

Had it Been Different

More Than Morning Kisses (NSFW)

The Woman Who Took My Eyes (Slight NSFW?)

Making Love In All The Wrong Places (NSFW)

Parallel Pathways (Kill la Kill AU that belongs to ladyaxis)

Kiss Me If You Want My Attention (Featuring Male!Ryuko and Fem!Uzu)

Hold Me Close And Sing Me A Lullaby

Follow My Lead (Assassin AU)

Here’s To A New Life (Assassin AU, prequel to Follow My Lead)

Indulge Me (NSFW)

Three to Care For One (Houka x Ryuko x Uzu)

You Married A Loser

Five-Minute Man (Slight NSFW?)

Just Until Morning

Will We Be More?

Love At Sea

You Got Lucky

The Shortened Story of Two Rivals

I’ll Get You Screaming (NSFW)

I Always Will

Peaceful Nights

I Can Already Hear the Wedding Bells (College AU)

Smells Like Home

An Afternoon With Grandpa (features RyuUzu kids!)

Something Like the Red Charm of Fate

Second Chances

Family of Two

I Mean What I Say (NSFW)

Onee-san to the Rescue

A Fourth Date! (Part of ladyaxis’ Parallel Pathways AU)

Stress Relief (NSFW)

Number One Fans

Food is Key to a Person’s Heart (AU)

Family of Climbers

Of Seashells, Bracelets, and Shark Teeth (Mermaid AU)

Long Walks in the Park (AU)

Age is Just a Number (AU)

Princess of the Sea (AU)

Houka x Ryuko fics:

The Little Things

Maybe It Was Everything

It’s not Goodbye Forever (AU, PSG-verse)

Multi-Ship/Other fics:
Love is in the Air (Features: Uzu x Ryuko, Houka x Ryuko, Uzu x Satsuki, Kaneo x Satsuki, Ira x Mako, Houka x Nonon, Uzu x Nonon, and Iori x Satsuki)

Guy’s Night (Uzu and Houka friendship)

Love is in the Air, Pt. 2 (Features: Uzu x Ryuko, Houka x Ryuko, Uzu x Satsuki, Kaneo x Satsuki, Ira x Mako, Houka x Nonon, Uzu x Nonon, Iori x Satsuki, and Uzu x Mako)

Warm Me Up (Houka x Nonon, NSFW-ish)

Double Dates and Such (Uzu x Nonon, Houka x Iori)

The Bothersome Monkey (Houka x Nonon)

Aren’t They Beautiful? (Ira x Mako)

Happy Birthday, Ryuko Matoi


Neptune x Weiss fics:
Until Next Time

Something Borrowed

Flowers for his Ice Queen

Shattered Ice

Slips and Falls (Neptune/Weiss and Sun/Blake)

Melt My Heart of Ice

What Isn’t Fake About Us? (AU)

Sun x Blake fics:
You’re Distracting Me and I’m Trying to Read