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New SideBlog

Hey, guys, so I made side blog calle “LovingSPNFans” where you can go and submit or send a sweet message to someone you love in the fandom. Basically, you appreciate/love a writer, editor, gif maker, supernatural fan, through this blog you can let them know, even anonymously! I thought it’d be great to have a place of love and appreciation for everyone in the fandom! We are a family after all! Click here for the blog: LovingSPNFans

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New post! It’s all about the awesome @smartglamour and their fantastic ethos and affordable customisable clothing. Click through to my blog to read it 💃

anónimo perguntou:

Can you link me to Maddie's new account (larrycoincidences)? Curious to see what she's been up to.

Here is a post that will link you to her. Just click the URL name.

Be warned, she is going through a lot of personal things which are posted without a lot of tags. So if you are easily triggered, be prepared.

She does not take part in this fandom. She is not the same blog. You will not see h/l.

Reached my Follower Goal!

This is legitimately insane. Thank you so much, each and every one of you guys, I really mean it — honestly, you give me so much encouragement simply through the fact that you ever clicked on my blog, and I’m so happy to be in the company of people who enjoy this show as much as me. To my old followers, thank you for sticking with me through all the crazy and all the theories, and to my new ones, a very happy hello and hopefully you enjoy this blog!

I will be writing up a post as soon as I can all about our probable new Season 5 villains the Plague Doctors, as soon as I’m free (unfortunately my life is currently full with work of the non-Teen Wolf kind right now). I’ll have that up and running as soon as possible, so I hope you enjoy that. 

Cheers, Wolfies! 

…Oh, gee. Good job, staff. Another thing I just noticed thanks to this new update.

If you click a notification, like, say, ‘so and so reblogged your post’ through the new popdown menu…guess what? You get taken to that post…on YOUR blog. That is, you go to the post that they reblogged and added to.

Before, where you could go directly to the activity page without wasting a second click, you could just go directly to the reblogged post.

New Post is Up!

Dear fellow fashion bloggers, 

Never underestimate the importance of having a blog that’s good looking and easy to navigate, and that also applies to mobiles! Your followers do not only check out your blog on their computer, they also look at it through their phone. This week’s post looks at how successful bloggers like Sincerely Jules have optimized the mobile version on their blogs in an ideal way. An example to follow! 

Click on the following link to learn more about how you can optimize the mobile version of your blog, an essential marketing step for any respectable blogger.!Sincerely-Jules-Mobile-Blogging/cmbz/55356f010cf21fee1330c109


Multi-tasking Insanity

Okay so as a heads up, if I haven’t answered a prompt/ask or replied to a RP thread I have started in any of my blogs. Here is why..

I have multi-tasking insanity. 

Example of this:

Clicks on Sindaira’s blog, scrolls through, reblogs a post. Oh that reminds me I need to make this post on my ooc blog, switches windows to Nocturnamoon, oh new posts on my dash, scroll, read, reblog,scroll some more. Oh that post reminds me I need to do that 7 day music post on Whipers Blog. Switches windows to Whispers Blog, Hmm..what song for Day two, new …ugh. Okay well lets think on that while creating your next blog..face claim..oh yea I need a face claim (okay not really needed but wanted one :P). Ugh none of these fit. *light bulb* I think I have a song for Whispers post..*listens to song* hmm..maybe. Back to Noc to check dash, then Sindaira. Oooo ask, yay..clicks on it. would she answer this..ponders ponders..*shakes Sin a bit* what would you say. Oh fine..back to creating new blog until she decides what she wants to say…..

Now throw in I have two five year olds (my daughter and my niece) that I am caring for.  I am often up and down, lunch, something to drink. we want to watch this..etc. 

*deep breathes* I seem to be doing a lot and yet really getting anything done. 

But its not that I am ignoring anyone I promise.

I just have a hard time focusing sometimes..I tend to think I am multi-tasking wonder woman able to do 50 things in a single bound. ;)

New stuff, Blog Call, Ask answered, and more coming SOON! 


Sindaira   ~ Whisper (Valkahria)

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Re: Strawberry Singh: What’s your Digits?

Re: Strawberry Singh: What’s your Digits? was originally posted at: Shaedynlee.Com~if item names aren’t linked on the feed you’re viewing -please click through to the main site for direct LMs & URLs..You can also find Shae on these networks:tumblr, Twitter, flickr, Plurk, Pinterest, and f Read more on the website

kerrts perguntou:

Hi, I found you from AANI on Facebook, and I was wondering what the requirements were for getting a listing for a print?

We’ve only got two requirements for submissions.

1)  You’ve got to be an Artist Alley vendor.  
If you found us through AANI, you’ve got that covered.  ;)

2)  It’s got to be an Etsy listing. 
The reason for this is because I do housekeeping on the blog’s old posts.  When an Etsy listing is no longer available, tumblr gives me a “see similar” notification.  When that happens, I delete the old post and pick out a few new listings from your store to share.

If you don’t have an Etsy store and would like to start one, use this link.  
Click Here!
By joining through this link, both you and another Etsy store owner will get 40 free listings.

When you’re ready to have a listing featured, send us a link!  
We’ll get it queued up and ready to post.

The fuck is everyone complaining about with the new tumblr layout?

You can access all your important shit (blogs, posts, activity etc etc) from the drop down menu in the top right no matter how far you’ve scrolled through your feed, instead of having to reload the page or click the arrow to scroll all the way back to the top. You can even make a new fucking post no matter how far you’ve scrolled through your feed! It’s a really fucking useful change!


It’s just an update for fuck’s sake.

anónimo perguntou:

idk if you already know this but you can get your xkit bookmarks back by going to the bookmarker tab on xkit and then uncheck the box that says "on dashboard show my bookmarks after my blog info". i just went through my xkit extentions (bc i was bored lol) and just randomly clicked on it and the bookmarks showed up, and then i remembered you made a post about how your bookmarks disappeared with the new update, so hopefully that'll work for you too ^^


Team Building Activities: 5 Things to Consider - Huffington Post

Another germ I found while surfing the internet. An interesting article that fits on this site of mine. Check it out.

Huffington PostTeam Building Activities: 5 Things to ConsiderHuffington PostTeamwork is an important part of any organization. It leads to higher productivity, more effective communication and a better climate and culture. Many organizations are trying to foster team building, and one way they are doing it is through dedicated …and more »…Team Building Activities: 5 Things to Consider - Huffington Post

I hope you enjoyed reading this new entry. I for sure liked it. Until next time.

Check these blogs teambuilding

anónimo perguntou:

STEP 1: Sign in to your Tumblr account, click the "gear" icon, and then click your blog's name in the sidebar. STEP 2 : Scroll down and click the box next to "Let people submit posts." Give your Submit page a new name, if desired STEP 3 :Select the types of submissions you'll accept. Choose from text, photo, video, link or quote. STEP 4 : Scroll down and click "Save" to publish the Submit page and your submission guidelines.

I didn’t find the section about permissions. I’ll do it through my pc. Thank you so much an 😘

My Favorite Blogs

1. Humans of New York | Brandon Stanton

HONY is a blog started by Brandon Stanton, which features photographs and commentaries from people he finds in the streets of New York City.

Why I love it: Stanton’s blog captures the true spirit of New York City. His posts are real and genuine. From NYC’s elites to homeless people in Central Park, he compiles all of their stories to truly tell the story of the city. 

Click here for

2.Garance Dore | Garance Dore

Garance Dore is a French fashionista and columnist for Vogue Paris. Her blog is a visual diary for her photographs, illustrations and written works. 

Why I love it: Garance’s French style is so sophisticated and natural. Whenever I’m scrolling through her blog, I feel like I’m in Paris with her. She also has videos, which makes her blog a lot more interesting and engaging. 

Click here for

3. Into The Gloss | Emily Weiss is my favorite beauty blog. Emily Weiss features products for hair, skin, nails and makeup. She also writes about health and tips on how to take care of our bodies better.

Why I love it: Emily interviews people from different industries like fashion, music and business. I love how she profiles different people every week and tours us through that person’s beauty regimens and beauty obsessions. 

Click here for

Courtesy of

Courtesy of Garance Dore

Sorrow hits the Road This Week!

This week, writer and director Millie Loredo’s dreams have come true. She will be watching her directorial debut on the big screen in four different states across the U.S.! What began as a nightmare turned into a passion project, and Millie couldn’t be happier to share her hard work with audiences across the country.

Sorrow follows the story of Mila Sweeney, a forensic psychologist who is kidnapped and tortured by two deranged serial killers by the names of Dale Rogers and Hersey Igor. However, she manages to escape and exact revenge against her captors.

Millie premiered her indie horror film in her hometown of Houston, Texas at the independent film venue River Oaks Theatre. “I chose to premiere the film in Houston, because that’s my hometown and where I shot most of the movie,” Loredo said. “What excites me most is to be able to share this film with the people who helped make it happen and being able to see them enjoy the fruits of their labor.”

Millie and cast members Vannessa Vasquez and Melissa Mars participated in a follow-up Q&A session after the film concluded, and Melissa will join Millie for the rest of the screening tour.

Today, Millie and Melissa will drive up to Atlanta, Georgia to screen the film in Atlanta’s oldest operating theater, the Plaza, and then straight to Charlotte, North Carolina tomorrow to screen Sorrow at the Carolina Crownpoint Theater.

Millie attended the Mad Monster Party Horror Convention in Charlotte in March and was able to introduce the film to a new audience. “I want to screen the film in Charlotte, because I want to be able to sPositive Reviews Are Rolling In for Sorrow!

hare it with all the new fans I met at Mad Monster,” Loredo said. “I’m going back to share my movie with them, and I hope they enjoy it.”

Millie and Melissa will end the screening tour in New York City on Saturday with two screenings. The first will be held at the Quad Cinema and the second will be held at the Anthology Film Archives. Rather than holding the Q&A session after both screenings, it will be held in between them at Bar None in the afternoon.

“I chose to screen the film in New York, because the city is such a hub for the arts, especially film,” Loredo said. “I know that this film’s concept will be appreciated by those who value the artistry behind an independent film.”

Millie and Melissa will be documenting their trip across the country online, through blog posts and photos. To keep up with Loredo and the cast, follow Sorrow on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram!

Click here now to watch the trailer for Sorrow, now screening in select cities! It is also available on DVD through Barnes & Noble and Target online for $14.95 and will be available to stream online through Amazon Instant Video and Google Play next week. Beginning mid-May, the Hulu Network will also be streaming the film online!

New blog post is up over on @thebritishbelles blog! You can expect weekly blog posts in the run up to The Pinup Picnic In The Park as we get prepped and excited for the big day. Today I go through my favourites changes that Spring brings to my wardrobe 💐🌷🌳 Click the link on @thebritishbelles to read or visit ❤️


Never good enough. Never show care enough. Never love enough. Never NEAR beautiful enough.

Whatcha think if you somewhat know this little girl stalks your blog, just to check you up, daily? Probably a few minutes and bunch of questions pop up so I just click click and I see nothing new and it’s been 5 days since your last post. Please write something. It’s the only way to see through your wall. How you been lately? 

Thanks for still wanting to talk to me, no matter how clumsy and awkward a human being am I. 

Stranger yet? No, please let the answer be never. I know we wouldn’t.

Just, how can you let go of me so easily, after all?

You can now judge people on Tinder by their Instagram photos

Swipe-heavy hook-up app Tinder is rolling out a new update that integrates Instagram, so you can be judgemental with more than a few Facebook pictures and likes to go on. Hooking Tinder up with Instagram will display your most recent 34 pictures. Viewers can click through and see your whole profile. If that’s private, the app gives you the option to grant access to Tinder alone, though that slightly defeats the point of having a locked account in the first place. There is also a new ‘common connections’ feature which shows how connected you are on Facebook – whether you share a…

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