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Hi beautiful followers❣

I have recently started up my new blog called Hsquared which stands for Happy&Healthy. I made this page to motive myslef and anyone else trying to live a healthier lifestyle whether it be a fit one or even an emotional one. I’ve been through a rough little patch in my life and i felt this is a great way to just keep moving forward and just become the best person I can be. This new log will consist of fitness motivation and some blog posts about my well being how i’m feeling and stuff. I will also be adding Vlog posts on this page about any new diets or tricks that seem to be working for me. If you guys are intrested in taking a look at it and you already follow me you can click the link on my page that says Happy&Healthy and for any new potential followers can click the link bellow.

sebastianfucker zapytał(a)::

i was just wondering. i always click the link and browse bc i know it helps you, but i just wanted to make sure that we don't have to buy anything bc i can't fit into any of that stuff, i just wanna help you so i have been going through ur posts and clicking the link every day and i wanna make sure that is enough.

first of all thank you so so much

you do not have to buy anything (of course if you like it you can) but just clicking on the link every day when i post clothing post helps me

no buying necessary 

Got Long Nails?

I just started a new tumblr for long nails (mostly acrylics) Im looking for a sidebar picture to feature on Bestlongnails Tumblr.

If you have a long full set of beautiful nails submit them asap!

  • Must be a clear photo (with or without Flash)
  • Must be long nails
  • Nail art accepted
  • Must be a fresh looking set
  • Week long Feature with Blog Promotion 

pass this around! 

*DISCLAIMER*  All photos that are posted on my blog DO NOT belong to me, nor have I ever claimed any as mine. I cite the owner of the photos in the caption or through the click-through link method. *please dont remove tags*

alyjack80 zapytał(a)::

Ok. So I've read all the OMG Check Please I can find and it's not much! When I clicked on the extras I didn't see much I hadn't already read. Am I missing something??

Hrm. Did you go through the entire blog, then, and not use the navigation buttons at the bottom of the posts with the new comics? 

If you did that, then yes, you’ll have seen all the extras when you went through - otherwise double check? There should be some sketch jams, some Q&As, and a behind-the-scenes blog post for nearly ever comic that went up.

Past that, I highly recommend checking out Bitty’s twitter (which is now inactive for the summer, cue gross sobbing). It goes back a while, though; I personally found tweet tunnel to be an easier way to read it, since I didn’t have to worry about accidentally navigating away and then having to scroll back down to infinity when I went back….

New Post is up on the blog! Today we’re talking about the 70s style trends that are here to stay! Check it out at or click through the link in my bio! | Photo Cred: @kayla_mixon #70sstyle #1970s #seventiesfashion #fashion #ootd #outfitoftheday #style #summer #summerstyle #babydolldress #embroidery #judithmarch #fashionblogger #fblogger #bloggerlife #bloggerstyle #styleblogger #boho #like #follow #share #feature #tddt #thedarlingdowntown (at

im-your-prick zapytał(a)::

Okay, so.... I'm gonna be totally honest right now. I've found you through that new tumblr thingy where when you like something it gives you a suggestion of similar posts. And since I was bored - thank god - I clicked on your dash. Stalked you and your work. You are a very beautiful human being and I love your illustrations and your overall style. I feel like I've known you for a long time (I now do realize how creepy I sound) I just wanted to say THANKS TUMBLR. and I LOVE YOU, BROOKE.

Not creepy at all I love these messages. Makes blogging feel so worth while. I’m so happy you enjoy it, and thankyou for checking me out and even following me. I hope you have such a lovely day sweetie! 💕

Hey followers, I know I haven’t posted in a while. I have this huuuuge online marketing project and need all the help I can get through clicks clicks clicks on my blog, so I know tumblr is an awesome community of people willing to share this to help me and my friends with this class! If we combine our powers I bet we can show people what tumblr is capable of!! :D So please please please share and click and make new posts linking to our articles. We’re a travel blog btw, so you might find interesting stories or maybe want to contribute something (PM me!!). Anyway I love you all for helping me out! Every note counts! *__*

Theme Update

We have a little announcement of our own, you may have already seen it but if not, then click on through to our blog to see our new theme!

All our different post types etc have now been put together in a ‘LINKS’ page.

Let us know what you think?

May 27, 2015

After a long long battle, you are gone. And I have no idea what to think or where to go or what to say or how many tears to shed. I know you’re in a better place than you’ve been in the last ten years, but it is so hard to accept. It was only fitting that through a string of random clicking I found your tumblr so many years ago in high school. The one website where you go so as not to feel totally alone, the website where you can post your soul and someone else might understand–after three years of weirdness in high school I found your blog and it made perfect sense that you and I would both be on here, separately using it to help ourselves. We learned from one another and found similarities in each other and I smiled at your posts about your new pets and your adventures you’ve been on and I cried at the posts you made about your overwhelming sadness. I feel like one of ten people who knew you, no matter how much time passed between our actual visits….ice cream or Chipotle generally, where we would talk about our families and our lives and wishes for the future. I suppose I always knew the day would come when this would happen but I can’t help but wish for more time. If I had known when I randomly saw you the other week it would be for the last time, I would have hugged you so tightly you couldn’t breathe. I probably would have kissed you. Both of our ex boyfriends used to tease that somehow we would end up together; somehow we always were so completely similar while maintaining a bizarre distance from one another. I told you in recent months that in a twisted way, I consider you one of my best friends. Someone who has been there over the years no matter what the situation and no matter how long of an absence we’ve had, and there is something so completely beautiful about that. I miss you. I love you. I hope wherever you are now is more beautiful than you ever imagined.

New Post has been published on

New Post has been published on

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I noticed that I seemed to have gained a lot of new followers in the past 48 hrs. I have no idea how or why, but hello and welcome.

For those who haven’t been clicking through my backlogs, fair warning: this really is NOT a blog with one carefully curated theme – I post whatever catches my fancy. I do my best to tag for things that can be triggering, but generally speaking the rest of my tags are more based on what can help me find the post again a year from now (and even that’s hit and miss) than any agreed on tagging system. Occasionally I will post science / history things that may be factually unsound but is fascinating anyway, and those are under the “didn’t do the research” tag.

I think that’s about it. If this’s not your cup of tea, feel free to unfollow at anytime. Otherwise – pull up a seat and let’s see what the tumblr has in store for us today.

Also why the heck are the weird frames showing up on my dash again? I adblocked that and it worked so beautifully up until now. TUMBLR WHAT DID YOU DO???


So it took me a while to come to create this tumblr. I’ve recreated this page too many times until I decided that I finally needed to start. It will combine outfits I created, favorite Pinterest or blogs that I came across, favorite new items from great stores, as well as the likes and dislikes of red carpet outfits.

(Click on the pack of photos to see the post. You then drag the pics and it’s sort of like going through a pack of pictures in your own home)

Hope you enjoy!


Coco G.