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Well do we have news for you!

*corny informational music plays*

After weeks of planning, a group of administrators have built A NEW BLOG where we have collected everything ptx fan fiction !

ptxfanfiction is the place to be!

All ships! All fics! All authors! All genres! We already have dozens of fics and one shots!

How can you help? SPREAD THE WORD!
follow and SUBMIT fics you have read! We will review and categorize them to post for the enjoyment of others! Any fic you want to read is now tagged and a click away!

So no more hopelessly wandering through websites looking for that perfect fic!

People will submit prompts that you can use as well!

We are very excited to announce this amazing blog! So follow, check us out, and spread the word!

Together we will make this the best source for all pentatonix fanfiction!

Admin: asmallqueen mintygravitii reeds29 suavi-kaplan timeforourweeklyobsessions hashtagfcute kevin-k-o-olusola

Come visit the blog for questions/submissions of all kinds :)

Thank you all for the help!

New SideBlog

Hey, guys, so I made side blog calle “LovingSPNFans” where you can go and submit or send a sweet message to someone you love in the fandom. Basically, you appreciate/love a writer, editor, gif maker, supernatural fan, through this blog you can let them know, even anonymously! I thought it’d be great to have a place of love and appreciation for everyone in the fandom! We are a family after all! Click here for the blog: LovingSPNFans

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Old school: Met Gala.

The annual Met Gala (China: Through the looking glass) is today that’s why we revisit some major looks from the past, from Madonna to Diane Von Furstenberg. Message us anon or non-anon, our ask is always open, and remember, for more posts (food, books, horror movies, outfits) click right here.
P.S: here’s our Instagram.

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Expedia: The Best Watch Shopping Cities in the World

I’ve been asked to start contributing to the Expedia travel blog so I thought following my time in London, Dubai and NYC over the past 6 months that I’d kick things off with The Best Watch Shopping Destinations in the World for new and vintage watches. Below is an excerpt from the post, please click through to the link to read the entire piece. Hope you find it useful!

I find it strange that consumers have no qualms paying the listed price for some retail goods and services, but not for others. We pay RRP for our clothes, our food, our dry cleaning and dining out, but somewhere along the way everybody decided watches (like new cars) were open to aggressive negotiation. This haggling trend, combined with the boom in online retailing has created healthy competition amongst retailers, and kept the manufacturers true to their pricing, thus creating a position of power for watch buyers. With so much choice, here are a few cities on my list of best destinations for watch shopping.

Read the full post at Expedia.

New Post is Up!

Dear fellow fashion bloggers, 

Never underestimate the importance of having a blog that’s good looking and easy to navigate, and that also applies to mobiles! Your followers do not only check out your blog on their computer, they also look at it through their phone. This week’s post looks at how successful bloggers like Sincerely Jules have optimized the mobile version on their blogs in an ideal way. An example to follow! 

Click on the following link to learn more about how you can optimize the mobile version of your blog, an essential marketing step for any respectable blogger.!Sincerely-Jules-Mobile-Blogging/cmbz/55356f010cf21fee1330c109


Multi-tasking Insanity

Okay so as a heads up, if I haven’t answered a prompt/ask or replied to a RP thread I have started in any of my blogs. Here is why..

I have multi-tasking insanity. 

Example of this:

Clicks on Sindaira’s blog, scrolls through, reblogs a post. Oh that reminds me I need to make this post on my ooc blog, switches windows to Nocturnamoon, oh new posts on my dash, scroll, read, reblog,scroll some more. Oh that post reminds me I need to do that 7 day music post on Whipers Blog. Switches windows to Whispers Blog, Hmm..what song for Day two, new …ugh. Okay well lets think on that while creating your next blog..face claim..oh yea I need a face claim (okay not really needed but wanted one :P). Ugh none of these fit. *light bulb* I think I have a song for Whispers post..*listens to song* hmm..maybe. Back to Noc to check dash, then Sindaira. Oooo ask, yay..clicks on it. would she answer this..ponders ponders..*shakes Sin a bit* what would you say. Oh fine..back to creating new blog until she decides what she wants to say…..

Now throw in I have two five year olds (my daughter and my niece) that I am caring for.  I am often up and down, lunch, something to drink. we want to watch this..etc. 

*deep breathes* I seem to be doing a lot and yet really getting anything done. 

But its not that I am ignoring anyone I promise.

I just have a hard time focusing sometimes..I tend to think I am multi-tasking wonder woman able to do 50 things in a single bound. ;)

New stuff, Blog Call, Ask answered, and more coming SOON! 


Sindaira   ~ Whisper (Valkahria)

Box Pleated Midi Skirt

Happy Cinco De Mayo!! >> New Post is Up! Box Pleated Midi Skirt VERY easy #DIY, great for beginners & newbie sewers! +click the link and share!!

As you can see,  A Fashion Addict has gone through some serious cosmetic changes.  A face lift!  Take a few minutes to take a look around & check out the new features.  My hope is that you can find everything you’re looking for with ease & more importantly, want to come back for more :)

My current & latest obsession is

box pleats!! I like the structured look that it adds, especially to skirts.…

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I’m New To This *awkward laugh*

Before I formally introduce myself in my first post in this new blog, I want you to know that I accidentally opened my history on Chrome because I fail at life in seemingly funny ways.
I even included a poorly edited photo for your entertainment. 

Czytaj dalej

Probably the most tedious part of adding each new part of Death is Not Unkind (He’s Just Got a Bad Reputation) is copying all of the links to each part and adding them into each previous and future part. Because each one is a link that I need to copy and paste into 8 separate posts (not counting the Ao3 links, each of which is taken directly from the recently published part so it leads you directly to the corresponding part there, meaning that while I have to copy and paste a new link each time, it’s only once per part).

I mean, sure, it’s not hard, but it is tedious; I don’t mind too much, though - it makes things way more convenient both for myself and for the readers; no having to search through my blog to find each part - you just click the correct link and it’ll take you there, no fuss or bother. Which is the entire reason I’m doing all of that.

Windows 10 design lead explains what’s changed (and what hasn’t) – #Windows10

Albert Shum, the design team lead for Microsoft’s OS team, has outlined through some of the decisions made in its new OS. He reiterates that – especially now Windows 10 is out in the open – the work here isn’t yet done, with the blog post focusing on… Click here to…

19 things that go through a toddler’s head during potty training (WIN!)

by Melissa Willets posted in Mom Stories What if we could see potty training through a child’s eyes? Here’s what they might be thinking during the potty training process: 1. Ooooh - what’s that new bowl looking toy thing in the bathroom?! Just my size! 2. Is this my new toy or Mommy’s? She seems obsessed… Read more »

Want to get the full story? Click on the headline above. And thanks for reading the BabyCenter Blog.

A new and exciting website has recently been launched for web designers and developers. You likely spend hours every morning browsing through hundreds of posts on your RSS feeds, hoping to stumble... Click through to read the rest of the story on the Vandelay Design Blog.


Special Deal Monday!!! Spring Cleaning with ModCloth

It’s Special Deal Monday!!! Today’s deal gets you in the mood to start your Spring Cleaning, in your closets. Head on over to the blog to see what amazing deals ModCloth is offering. #ModCloth #SpringCleaning #ad #LifeofCreed #Spring

*This post contains affiliate links and I will be compensated if you make a purchase after clicking through my links. 

Deals, anyone? ModCloth is making room for a slew of new styles by putting 100s of items on sale!

Start Spring cleaning out your closets and make run for some new items. ModCloth is having a Spring cleaning sale. It’s your last chance to grab lots of these adorable items, so…

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im-in-love-with-spn zapytał(a)::

omg. I just found my new heaven!! Besides from 2,3 other blogs this will be my favourite blog now. Thank you so much for this!! I´m not even scroll through your blog but your url says all I need to know to love this blog!!

Always nice to get another Destiew fan!! 

And as for your other ask, ahhh I’m sorry! I can see if I can try to add a reblog button but for now, you have to click on the date under each post. That’s how you can get to the individual post and reblog it from there :) Sorry for the inconvenience! I’ll work on fixing it 


The Starlog Files: Issue #49

Hey, why don’t you go check out my new blog series The Starlog Files over on Modern Superior!

I’ve got a stack of vintage Starlog magazines that I will often pull off my shelf and leaf-through, so I have decided that I will snap some photos of the interesting outliers that lay within these pages - from weird advertisements, funny and forgotten columns, to notable film announcements.

In this post, I’m looking at Issue #49, which has a real bad-ass Necronomicon ad, a swell vintage living room in an Atari 2600 ad, and much more!

Click through to check out the rest of the highlights!