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It has been one year, three months, and twenty-three days since the last time I saw you. I do not remember what it feels like to have your hands on my body. I do not remember what it feels like to not love you. I do not know which scares me more.

When I last left you, autumn was descending on both of our continents, on both sides of our ocean. You cupped my face in your palms and pressed your mouth to mine like a prayer. Or perhaps it was a plea: Please don’t forget me. Please don’t forget this. Please wait for me. Please.
The security guards at the airport, already numb to the tear-stained cheeks of young girls, told me that I must have my hair out of my eyes so the cameras could recognize me.
I blinked and forced the corners of my lips upward. I did my best.


It is Christmastime now. The air is damp and the wind tears through the city. I am warm and safe here, but dreaming only of brimming arrival gates, and cars teeming down the wrong side of the highway, and always your eyes, deep and dear, never looking away from me.


Hold onto me, I want to say. Pull me down from flight like a tether to the earth. Our bodies must slowly reacquaint themselves with each other, but this is one kind of introduction that I don’t mind.

It’s me, I want to say. I’m coming home.

—  It’s Always Been You (l.e.a.p)

merr miclarin “closest to canonical ot3 we’ll ever get” leviamas

  • rin getting more and more excited towards the end of the month while clarith is ???
  • rin finds out that clarith doesn’t celebrate chrileviamas so she explains what is
  • clarith not sure that michaela would celebrate the thing so she gently and reluctantly tells rin
  • rin is disappointed but is okay with it, continues baking gingerbread and hanging mistletoe everywhere anyway
  • michaela discussing w/ clarith about celebrating leviamas and deciding on A Thing
  • clarith invites rin out leviamas eve to have picnic under michaela’s tree
  • surprise surprise! the whole orphanage is there, bunch of presents under the tree, forest is lively w/ sights and sounds and happiness, brioche everywhere
  • elluka and gumillia and kyle r also there, the magis shooting up fireworks and kyle sketching a picture of the whole thing
  • rin cries of happiness, clarith ends up crying along, michaela trying her best not to
  • rin reveals she made presents too! handmade green rose brooch and a gold-embroidered handkerchief for clarith, and a gorgeous painting of michaela’s tree w/ sunset backdrop (with a little help from kyle)
  • picnic party ends, micha accompanies clari and rin back to the monastery
  • rin smiles and points up and oh look !mistletoe! tied onto the doorway, now kiss
  • clari babbling awkwardly and trying to change the topic so michaela just goes in and *smooches* alot ending eventually with clarith crying of happiness into michaela’s shoulder and rin watching happily from a distance
  • (just as midnight breaks and the new dawn begins to show, rin feels someone’s presence behind her. warm and comforting. but she doesn’t look back, mostly fearing its disappearance, but also already knowing who the person is.)
  • (allen smiles at rin not turning around. he knows she’s grown stronger, and won’t need his guidance anymore soon.)
  • (as he leaves, a young rose plant sprouts its first leaves under the shade of michaela’s tree)
FELIZ NATAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Que vocês comam bastante e engordem bastante essa bunda grade de vocês. 
Que ganhem muitooooooooosssssss presentes. Da avó, do avô, da mãe, do pai, do vizinho, dos primos, da tia do papai noel.

Enfim, divertam-se e se empanturrem de gordura e gordices. Feliz Natal!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jurassic World

Please for the love of god, do not have a scene where Chris Pratt takes his shirt off. These films were never about any of that kind of shit, they’re in a class all their own..keep it that way..dont throw any modern sexual under passes in this damn film..we know he’s buff we dont need to see that shit. He plays a stone faced Raptor Handler..keep it that way.