“If you made a conscious machine, it wouldn’t be human history. That’s the history of gods.”

- Caleb (Domhnall Gleeson)

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I saw the promo, and Cas saying "I need you BOTH" while staring at Dean with the exception of one side glance at Sam & Sam's smirk made me think that Sam's internal monologue at the time was probably; 'Geez, Cas, You didn't have to tack me in like that. I know how disappointed you were when I showed up ALONE last time without my brother. TBH, I'd be fine if you guys made up ridiculous excuse so that you two could go off together and I got to investigate trees or something'

There were some really nice trees in the background of that shot. :D Lots of nice pink blossom. Sam could go walk in the park and maybe find some dogs to pet or something.

Sam, you should go to the park. Doctor’s orders. 

Top Ten Things That Are Not Impressive For Action Characters
  1. Sticking the landing . All this does is jack up joints. Collapse and roll. Hit the ground with the largest surface area possible.
  2. Headshots . You sound like bragging gamers.
  3. “One shot, one kill.” Same as above. Aim for center mass and unload until they stop moving.
  4. Disabling shots . Depending on the time period, you’re either consigning them to a lifetime of nerve damage and pain or a slow death from infection. Also, injured people can still fight back.
  5. Anything with a flip . Telegraphing your moves and taking several extra seconds to get it done just allows the other fighter time to block.
  6. Throwing people . Unless you’re literally trying to get some space for an escape or a ranged weapon, why did you throw them? It takes a ton of effort and now they’re all the way over there.
  7. Prolonged fights . Most brawls are over in seconds. Seconds. Competition fights last longer because there are safety limits and controls in place.
  8. Ignoring backup . Congratulations on your ‘does not play well with others’ sticker.
  9. Overly complicated weapons . Different weapons were developed to take advantage of specific conditions, be they environmental, tactical, or weaknesses in your opponent’s situation. Picking the wrong one because it looks cooler just puts you at a steep disadvantage.
  10. Basically anything overcomplicated . Climbing in top floor windows when you could walk in the service entrance. Fighting through twelve guards when you could poison someone’s dinner. Training in eight martial arts styles when a pillow over the face will get them just as dead. It’s not really that impressive to make more work for yourself.
Cliche first sentences
  • I (verbed) my first (noun) when I was (age).
  • I woke up to (rest of sentence).
  • (Onomatopoeia)!
  • (Exclamation)!
  • There’s a saying in (place).
  • (First name last name) was an (adjective) man.
Common and Over-the-Top Plot Devices

We see the same plot devices used over and over again on television, in movies, and in the books we read, but a lot of them work—which is why we use them all the time. However, there are some common and/or over-the-top plot that should be cut from some stories, unless you’ve found a clever way to reinvent them.  Here are a few of them we should all recognize—

Dogs or other animals always seem to sense evil in a way that human beings don’t. Although it’s true that a lot of pets don’t like people who mistreat them or their owners, there’s always some clueless owner (in books, TV, or movies) who can’t figure out why their pet is so pissed off.

Villains who explain everything right before they try to kill the protagonist. While I love well constructed moments like this, it gets obnoxious when the villain gives a step-by-step breakdown of what they plan to do. I think Austin Powers made fun of this plot device at one point or another.

Priests are usually villainous characters, while nurses are usually always good. I’m not sure why nearly every priest or religious character in a novel or movie turns out to be evil, but it gets a little tiresome. Sure, religious people in real life can be self-motivated, but so can non-religious people.  Switch this up a little bit.

Heroic characters are unaffected by explosions. For some reason, it’s really cool to walk away from explosions unfazed. I mean…I guess I know why.

Cops never know how to fire a gun. Somehow, 30 cops can’t hit your hero. There will be the occasional gunshot wound to the arm, that barely disables your character, but nothing ever really hits them. I know we don’t want to see your protagonist shot to death, but try evening the odds. Make it two cops, instead of the whole force. Give your protagonist a buddy to help out OR a reason why they’re so good at avoiding bullets.

The hero always guesses a computer password after a moment of revelation. I think we’re all familiar with the scene where someone’s trying to guess a password and after several failed attempts they look up and spot something in the room. A look of awe comes over their face because they’ve got it! It was so obvious the whole time!

Screaming at someone usually brings them back to life. “Don’t leave me here!!” works.

No one ever believes your main character about something horrible that will happen. Ever. Obviously this is a great way to create tension, but it can get so frustrating if it goes on too long. If the world is literally falling apart and no one believes that the world is ending, that’s enough.

When I make these lists, I’m clear that many of these things can work if they’re done right. Experiment with what you want and find out what works for your story.  Also, add to this list if you want!

-Kris Noel

A (Fantasy) Cliche/World Building Rant

Because I love fantasy, but I’m not loving cliched/bland/unrealistic worlds. Under the cut you will find:

  1. I Love Your Bracelet. Where Did You Get It?
  2. This Generic Medieval Anglo-Saxon World is Bland
  3. No Change
  4. The Seven Kingdoms
  5. I Know Everyone Has Had Cheese Pizza, but This One Has Green Peppers
  6. Fables, Fairy Tales, Folklore, and Superstitions Are Never Wrong
  7. Evil Uncles
  8. Warriors Don’t Die Quiet Deaths
  9. The Common Tongue

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