A short story from the life of a Baby Panther.

So I can’t remember when this happened but since I’ve come out as a baby panther. I feel the need to ‘get this off my chest’.

So I’m at the mall with one of my friends and a young attactive guy walks by and she immediately grabs me and whispers harshly “Oh my god, he is sooo cute!

Sure.. I guess.

But as fate would have it, a stunningly beautiful man in some semi-formal attire walks right behind him. (I’m not the type of girl to check out beautiful people and squeal over them with a friend but this was just too good.) So I had one of those 'jaw dropping’ moments.

Oh? He’s gorgeous” <3

And she just looks at me and says “Ew! He’s way too old!

… “Are you serious?

He looks at least forty.”

But she just sneers “Exactly.”

And all I can think is Really? REALLY!?


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honeydewdevil asked:


(I thought sent you a happy birthday but i'm not quite sure if my dumb old computer sent it or not. If you did get it then I wish you twice as much.)

Awwwww thanks <3333  Your determination makes me even MORE HAPPY.