They really look very stately and exalted. Love it!
monster high
Borrowed from this site http://www.monsterhighworld.com.br/diversao-monster-high/desenhos-monster-high/

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Design doodle for Cleo. A childhood friend of Foxy’s with a thick accent similar to an English and Australian mix. Cleo travels from nations around her world and every few years comes back to visit Foxy and her birth home. 

She is incredibly knowledgeable about different cultures and journals every trip. She’s also kind of a chatter box when she talks about her travels 


Here’s those couple of dolls I started a while back, finally done and almost ready for sale.  I’m having some wavering feelings about my goaty eyed Lagoona.  She’s growing on me, and at the very least might need a new dress.

I know I should totally not be brushing gloss sealer on the eyes, because it looks so terrible in photos, but I love the way it looks in person.

There are some [relationships] that feel very solid and there are some that always feel like a work in progress, always feel a little fragile, and it’s not to say that one’s more important or better than the other.

And I think this song is glorifying this kind of relationship that wasn’t all that, it wasn’t the one where you can depend on someone, but it doesn’t mean that it was bad.

—  Taylor Swift explaining OOTW. (Cleo)