A few (yes, unfortunately, more than one) “WHAT NOT TO WEAR AFTER 30″ lists made it onto my FB feed and made me very agitated, and I guess the way I had to work it out of my system was to draw my own 30+ y.o. girls wearing some of the things on the lists. Wear all the shiny pants, graphic tees, mini dresses, and leopard print that you want, I don’t care what year you were born in, and no one else with any relevancy to you will care, either!!


Here’s those couple of dolls I started a while back, finally done and almost ready for sale.  I’m having some wavering feelings about my goaty eyed Lagoona.  She’s growing on me, and at the very least might need a new dress.

I know I should totally not be brushing gloss sealer on the eyes, because it looks so terrible in photos, but I love the way it looks in person.