honestly i look up to people like lou so much she really just does not care she has that mindset that “if i like this person then i like this person, if i want to be this gender then whatever im that gender” and i seriously wish i was more like her in that way

Picking up the little one || Clairy and Ven

Clairy was in the music wing working on a few song ideas when her phone went off grabbing it and looking at it seeing that she was going to be paired up with someone and then also having a child as well, she took a breath in slowly a part of her hoping that it was going to be something to bring back aleks but then again she knew that it would not, he was doing what ever it was that he was doing and she was well here…a small smile crossed her lips as she seen who her partner was going it be. she laughed softly as she seen Ven’s name a small blush crossing her lips as she scrolled down and seen the picture of the little one that she would be caring for as she hoped that it would be different then the last time that they did this. 

she quickly found Ven’s number and texted him " hey so it looks like we are partners, we need to go pick up our child, ill meet you at your dorm?"  sending the message she went and picked up a few of her music sheets and guitar and started out of the room to go meet Ven at his dorm, she wondered what was really going to happen and what was going to happen between them, things like this could make or break friendships, and he actually did make her laugh and she was starting to feel really comfortable around him…reaching his door she knocked at it and smirked ” Hey ven!” she called out ” Tell the girlfriend to use the window because we need to get going” she laughed once again and waited for him to answer.