About the Registration & Souvenir.

So remember the Head Of Registrations is Misha (clenchyourfists). To be able to get freebies and such you have to do the following;

  • Make sure you’ve RSVP’d (http://www.tumblr.com/meetup/5470).
  • On the day itself look for Misha (clenchyourfists) and then she’ll check whether or not you’ve RSVP’d or not. If yes she’ll give you freebies. If you haven’t RSVP’d she’ll give you a sticker for you to put your name and url. And if all the freebies are gone and you’ve RSVP’d she’ll give you a sticker to put your name and url. So better come early.
  • So about the souvenir, at the end of White Day Cebu Misha (clenchyourfists) will still be the one of give you your souvenir.

So don’t forgive this ok? ;) See you there. 3 more weeks to go :D.

Blood red marks.

Blood red marks and nameless faces
A label of falling from good graces
The crowds will retch and avert their eyes
The burning symbol pierces the sky

Blood red marks and nameless faces
A badge of shame and troubled paces
The scarlet cloth tells all the secrets
Of blood red marks and nameless faces

My weapon of choice :)

Ok some of you guys know my beloved Don <3


Don is a Pentax K1000 and the lens on him is an Albinor Marco Zoom (I forgot the whole name cause I left Don in the city xD) and my other lens is this


It’s an Albinor MC Auto Zoom 1:39 F=80-200mm 55mm. It’s pretty heavy, but it’s a great barrel lens <3.

My two Flashes….


Sunpak 2000 BZ and


Albinor 50A Automatic Electronic Strobe.

So that’s my weapon of choice and Don’s equip. If your wondering Don was given to me by my uncle. Speaking of Don last Thursday me and Misha (clenchyourfists) were in Fullybooked Ayala, we were looking the comics area when someone approached me asking this my camera was canon then she saw it was Pentax and she asked where I got it because she loves vintage cameras. Wala lang sharing xD.


One of the songs I cried to when I was HS <3.

Naghihintay by: Jacob