My name is Samantha, I’m a recent college grad, working a day job, and freelance as an artist on the side, working towards my dream of doing art as a full time job someday! Clementine is my sweet, 4 year old, 8lb rabbit.  I adopted Clementine about two years ago from my local rabbit rescue - she…

Hey guys!  I hope everyone has had, and continues to have a wonderful holiday season!

Today I realised my little (she’s not very little, actually) bunny Clementine may be sick - she’s not eating properly (which is a serious red flag with rabbits) and hasn’t been acting like herself.  I hate to have to resort to looking for help like this, but I’m still getting back on my feet financially and just don’t have an emergency fund available at all.  I don’t want to just watch her to suffer because of my financial strife, and a friend of mine recommended Gofundme as a way to seek some help. I would do a commission drive, but I am currently full in that department and time is of the essence with this situation. :<

Even if you aren’t able to help financially, signal boosting would be immensely helpful and very appreciated!  Clementine is a wonderful girl, and I just want to make sure she gets the best chance possible at a long and happy life!

Thank you, and I hope everyone has a happy new year!!


They were all tired of walking for about three days. Everything went to shit so quick. Headed up North to some myth seemed like a joke, But they’d do anything to lose Carver off their trail.


"So kid, Welcome to our group" Nick said sarcastically. "You probably know this already but Carver is a dangerous man and smart at that, We’re lucky you were at the Cabin"