Little Gift for you all! ♡

I totally suck at making male sims & I really love making females - so I’ve collected together and edited a load of random female sims I had hiding in my sim bin. They are all only dressed for everyday, and their traits/LTWs are completely randomised. Feel free to dress them however you like. All I ask is that you don’t change their facial structures. That’s it! Go wild. 

All sims are shown with my default skin & eyes & use sliders (main one needed is lip shape!) (listed on my resources page) & if a particular aspect of their appearance isn’t listed below, just assume it’s base game :)

CC List (Clockwise)

Nebula Stardust ♦ White

skin | ear blush | lips | hair | dress pattern

Sunstone Dawn ♦ Yellow

hair (newsea lavender) |  lips | jeans pattern | shoes are WA | nose stud

Clementine Marigold ♦ Orange

skin (#11) | ear blush | hair | eyeliner | lips | piercings | plugs | tattoos | dress

Scarlet Rosewood ♦ Pink

skin | lips | hair (with bow) | dress | shoes are LN

Violet Prelude ♦ Purple

skin | hair | eyeliner | lips | dress/veil 

Martinique Minsk ♦ Blue

hair | glasses | earrings | dungarees are from Pets | dungarees pattern 

Glacier Mist ♦ Turquoise

skin | eyeliner | lips | hair | piercings | top is from TL stuff | shorts are from Generations EP 

Spring Meadow ♦ Green

skin | hair | ear blush | lips | top | shorts


Hey, me again.
Long time no write again, huh? I’ve been busy learning stuff… ugh. Mum and Dad want me to be safe when I leave home, so they’ve had me running around cooking and reading and fixing and reading. This morning, I was reading up on electrical repairs when I happened to hear some voices through the window. And who would it be, but my sister and a certain young teen! I’ve heard some stuff about this kid before - Coral, they’re called, and there was a big hoohah at the high school when they came out as non-binary a few years ago. Notice that I said a few years ago, Diary. This kid is older than me, for crying out loud. Hm.

Just an update: Clementine still looks awful, but she’s no longer bottom sitting and is much more active and lively.

This is what she was like on day 2:

And this is a day later, after a salt dip and some Furan 2 and Kanaplex:

Huge shout outs to shakaho, fantailfan1, LisaCGold, and the other people who have helped me treat her so far, and special thanks to theskullqueen for advising me on proper prazi + salt combo procedure. I doubt she would have made it past day 2 without everyone’s knowledge and advice. Let’s hope she keeps on kickin’.

😢😢😢😢@melissa_clementine is part of my #bbgmums … 7 days ago she lost her husband in a car accident, leaving her with two beautiful girls to raise by herself.
We have such a supportive #bbg community here on @Instagram. We help each other in every way possible. We are known for our amazing community. We are one of a kind. So please comment some words of encouragement below 💜
I cannot imagine the pain she is going through right now. I don’t know Melissa personally, but just because you don’t know someone, it doesn’t mean you can’t help them #randomactsofkindness 💛 I want to help as many women as possible and I will go out of my way to do so. Everytime. This doesn’t just mean physical help!
I hope we can come together as a #bbgcommunity and help her out. 🌟Please double tap this photo to show your support🌟… If you want, you can visit to help support her and her girls 💛

anonymous asked:

I need a break up playlist

Unfucktheworld - angel Olsen
I love you but I’m lost- Sharon van etten
Living in a memory- the growlers
How can I not love you?- clementine and the Galaxy
Tin lover- the paper kites
Off you- the breeders
No one ever loved- lykke li
Igloos inside of our hearts- catnaps
Wasted time- Vance joy
Woman- the 1975
Facing west- the staves
Funeral song- Laura Gibson
Slacks- St.South
10am gare du nord- Keaton Henson
Sweetheart, what have you done to us- Keaton Henson
(Pretty much any Keaton Henson song)
Coloring- Kevin Garrett
Broken over you- grace mitchell
Is there somewhere - Halsey
Blame- tropics
Still- Japanese house
Fallout- catfish and the bottlemen
Pillow talk - wild child

Sorry that’s so much I could go on for ages but I have so many good ones, take a listen 2 them

Starter for lil-miss-Clementine

Luke was kicking, and struggling as hard as he could in the situation. He couldn’t think straight at the moment. He coughed and gagged on the water, flooding his lungs. There were many thoughts racing through Luke’s mind, that he couldn’t get out of his head. Is Clem alright? How will I get out of here? Is anyone gonna help? Am I gonna die? His thoughts started to dull, and his vision started to darken.


Clementine elementary was huge compared to Cree’s old school in Willow Creek, and so far Cree was impressed. They had so many more things to get involved in here. Cree knew music class would be her favorite. Clementine was an old school that was recently remodeled so the kids who lived in Magnolia Promenade and other cities closely tied to Magnolia wouldn’t have to travel so far for school. Because Magnolia Promenade was built as more of a downtown entertainment district, many children and teens had to travel quite the distance for an education if they weren’t in any of the very expensive private schools within the city limits. So to make matters easier for the parents and students, the city opened four new schools, two elementary schools and two high schools,  in the nearby city of Oasis springs. This was perfect for Scarlet’s peace of mind since they lived on the border of Magnolia Promenade and Oasis Springs and Clementine happened to be just down the street and around the corner in Oasis Spring’s beginning city limits. Zahara just aged up so Scarlet had to wait the required time until the following school year to enroll him. Cree on the other hand loved school and came in everyday telling her many adventures and activities to her brother. Scarlet could tell she loved Clementine more than Willow Creek because she had more in common with the kids. Willow Creek was more rural and often Cree was by herself because she didn’t have anything similar to their lives. But here, Cree was among many other fellow students who were all raised in the city and had more to share together. This was definitely a good move for the city!

Me *methodically peeling a clementine orange* i bet someone is watching me do this and falling in love with me right now