SO i’m going to be seeing AOU for the 5th time tonight.

my friend joe and i are racing to see who can see it more times…

i’m beating him.

but we’ve seen it together twice so he’s kind of dropping the ball on this one…

Over the next few days Magpie’s quiet, withdrawn, huddled away from the flock for hours and hours in front of Sparrow’s marker.  Clementine wants to go sit with him too but Lark and the rest keep her away, or at least they do at first.  Wants to be alone, signs Lark, and Clementine doesn’t understand that at all.

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That's Amore

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by WhoKnowsNow

Derek Hale has been a patron of Clementine’s Pizza his whole life. One day, his life changes when he sees the new employee, a pale boy with dimples and the most amazing eyes he’s ever seen.

Words: 1023, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

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clementine-sacha asked:

OH MON DIEU LILAS C'EST TOI! Je viens tout juste de tilter, 30ans après, ouioui. Ton style a tellement évolué ! C'est fou, c'est chouette c'est magnifique ! Et tes broderies sont toutes cools.

Qu’est-ce qui t’a mise sur la piste ? (:

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