Russian Public Spending Project "" Launched and Developers Contest Announced

A month ago we finished the Russian public spending monitoing project “Clearspending” . It’s a not-for-profit open project. 

We have a database of about 9 000 000 government and local contracts and hundreds of thousands of government bodies and suppliers. 

For developers
The most useful feature is open API and all data is available via REST+JSON API.

Right now we do not have enough resources to implement all that could be done, and we are trying to collect as much data as possible and extract datasets of state enterprise contracts and government grants. 

But we did launch the developers contest with a prize fund of 300 000 roubles (about 8 000 USD) for projects that could reuse this data to create mobile applications or web projects. 

Russian government contracts data are not so simple to map to, but any help with integration with the OpenSpending project will be very helpful.

And, sure, feedback is very welcome. Please mail me at ibegtin (at) with any ideas and suggestions.


This project is possible with support of Russian “Civil Initiatives Committee” ( initiated by Russian former minister of finances - Alexey Kudrin. 

Ivan Begtin

Director of NGO “Infromational Culture”

Ambassador of OKFN for Russia