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hey it looks to me as though the site is having more issues; the last few week's pages are gone and it's back on 'Rusty' from February. I know you and your friends will get it fixed when you can and I hope to be able to see the latest pages again soon, I'm a huge fan and just wanted you to know if you didn't already.

I’ve checked on all my computers and it works on all of mine, it could just be your computer having a cache issue since we fixed it? Try clearing the cache and see if it helps :)


Awfully Useful Stuff

Some simple but very useful object tweaks

1. Bird Tree for All Birds (requires Pets)

I don’t see why small birds shouldn’t be allowed to sit on a tree. This mod adds a second bird tree to buy mode, working as a cage. Geostates on the foodbowls are working, but you have to check the interactions to see if the hypothetical door is open or closed.
To uninstall, simply delete the package, and I recommend to clear caches as well. Next time you load the game, you’ll find your little bird in a normal bird tree, but once you take it out, the tree will revert to being for large birds only.

Download Bird Tree

2. Singing Spot (requires Showtime)

A rug that works as a karaoke machine. Sims stand a bit off-footprint. You can see me using it here.

Download Singing Spot

3. Woodfire TV

Some logs working as a television - inspired by Sandy’s attention catchers, and having the same drawbacks. They’re meant to be placed in a fireplace so the family can gather round the fire and talk. The logs can be shifted up and down the wall, but “MoveObjects on” is needed to put them into the fireplace. I recommend placing the fireplace first, doing it the other way round tends to crash my game. Take Care: The fireplace ought to be upgraded fireproof (either manually or with Debug Enabler) otherwise there’s risk of the false logs catching fire.

Download Woodfire TV


Free up drive space in Ubuntu and Linux Mint by removing leftover installation packages.

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Hi there Papers! Um, so I have a not so artsy question, I was wondering what kind of computer or laptop do you use? I've been chewing on the idea of buying a new computer as the one i have is very old and very slow and just over all yucky. Do you think you could help me out?

I use a 13 inch Macbook Pro! And this is uh, the first laptop I’ve owned so I can’t help much by suggesting different brands!

My best advice is to buy within your budget and to make it last long without losing too much speed make sure to run cleanups (to delete unnecessary files and clear your caches) every once in awhile. If you are buying a laptop, you might want to invest in a laptop cooling pad (especially if you want to play games because your laptop will definitely heat up fast). 

Make sure to cleanup your computer’s surface every week or two. Shut down your computer occasionally…and yep that’s all I have for now.

none of the pics will load on tumble desktop for me ive tried everything ive contacted the support guy his name is ben and he told me to disable all extensions and clear the cache and restart and i did it but its still not working the pics show up as like broken links you know its very annoying…. i just sent him some screenshots i hope he can help me out with this one…

was there ever any way to fix the issue where FR boots you and you have to re-log in whenever you go look at your nests or the marketplace? it seems to be very specific parts of the site that cause you to get booted and if i dont go to those pages i stay logged in indefinitely but i have to check my nests???? i have cleared my cache to see if thats the issue and it hasnt helped so i am confused :(

Time for old news. Mobile Tumblr is the worst thing ever. Had to log out and clear cache and I think uninstall so it would stop glitching. I think it’s back to normal, but I wouldn’t bet on Tumblr mobile actually working anytime soon.

Sorry every one and thank you those who were patient and polite during the fiasco.


So this new Tumblr update has screwed me up. ;-;

I can get the page to load just fine from my computer in the mornings but in the afternoons after work when I try to check my dash (or anything else on tumblr for that matter) it just refuses to load. I’ve cleared my cookies/cache/history/turned off extensions in chrome and when that didn’t work tried Firefox and the dreaded Internet Explorer with the same outcome. I can load any other web page fine. I can stream videos just like always but right after Tumblr updated I haven’t been able to load it in the afternoons. IDK what to do about it really but just know I’m going to be a bit slow at answering my messages and replying.  

to specify, i have cleared my cookies, cache, browser history, and saved passwords. this is also a new pc! this happens on my laptop, desktop, and mobile device. i get booted and have to re-log back in every day, sometimes twice a day, but only on certain pages.

having some game startup problems

so i went cc hunting today and was installing a bunch of furniture and crap for the triplets’ dorms and a lot of the stuff i was downloading was in .sims3pack form and i hate the launcher with a passion and i always have to close it and open it 29340923 times before any .sims3packs actually download SO i used delphy’s multi installer to convert them all to .package files and installed them that way.

which i thought was a good idea until i couldn’t get my game started… it just stays at a black screen with a loading mouse until i have to reboot my whole laptop to shut it off.

i haven’t cleared any cache files or my DCbackup folder yet, so i’ll see if that helps any. i’m a total noob when it comes to this techy game stuff so i honestly have no idea if using delphy’s thing was like a laughable noob mistake or not.

help me pls??