Croatia: Saturday 2 May 2015

“It’s just another hill, get over it”, was my motto du jour.

Today’s ride was arduous. As the tour booklet noted, ‘very few flat sections on today’s ride.’

We set out in heavy traffic and steady rain to clear Trogir. The route took us inland up the escarpment into the hilly hinterlands. The first climb started straight up and kept going for some 12km. I thought that was ‘the’ big climb but no, there were more, many more, including switchbacks. Just when you thought you going downhill you discovered you were working a false flat. The descents were hairy; rain-slicked roads in the country and pot holes and man hole covers when we descended into Split. The scariest part was a pitch black sharply cobbled tunnel! I actually screamed “Arrrrrgh!” as I went through.

The journey through Split itself was busy, but not as bad as anticipated, and the final few kilometres was through that beautiful wooded car-free zone that the Tour of Croatia went through.

The Husb & I arrived at the waterfront with only 45 minutes to spare before boarding the ferry to our next destination, so it was Croatian fast food from the old town for lunch: a calzone wrap - and golly it was good!

anonymous asked:

What do you think of CleRenAo pairing? Do you think Aoba cares more about Clear in Clear's route than Ren's?

I think the pairing is kind of cute, and I do appreciate seeing  it from time to time though ultimately I prefer Aoba to be exclusively with Ren. 

And, if you are asking me if I think Aoba is more caring in Clear’s route than how he is with Ren in his own route, then no, I do not think so.

I think for every route Aoba cares and loves his partner differently, as per their individual needs,  but by no means more or less.