Hot Lemon Maple Cayenne Cleanser.

On the scale of hardcore cleansing to total indulging that tends to happen in the New Year New You frenzy, I fall squarely in the middle. (This is, after all, Kale & Caramel.) 

There are days when I eat little, and days when I want french fries. And green juice. And maybe some quinoa. Just ‘cause. I always, always, always listen to my body. Except when it tells me I need to buy 40 bags of peanut butter M&Ms while driving by a 7-11; then it’s just talking GENIUS crazy. 

But of course, there are those days—nay, weeks—when a good cleanse feels imperative (did I just say nay?). This hot morning tonic is the perfect cure for what ails you. 

Get the recipe, plus superfood insights, here!


Come clean in 2015.

Gel, mud, oil, foam, powder, water. Mud that turns into an oil. Oil that turns into a milk. Gel that turns into an oil, then a milk. New formats and textures are revolutionizing the cleansing ritual. Want to find your favorite? The Sephora Favorites The Great Cleanse kit showcases a dozen (yup, 12) different ways to get a fresh start in the New Year. Below, a closer look at the wonderland of face wash in this tidy little box. MELISSA LANE   

SEPHORA COLLECTION Waterproof Eye Makeup Remover
Removes even the most stubborn makeup (and the separated blue and white liquid makes it look like a mini lava lamp). 

Caudalie Make-Up Remover Cleansing Water
Infused with organic grape water, chamomile, orange and lemon blossoms, watermelon, and mint leaves for a spa-like experience. No rinsing needed. 

boscia MakeUp-BreakUp Cool Cleansing Oil
A cool cushioning effect allows fingers to glide over skin without pushing or tugging—but no oily residue. 

NUDE Skincare Perfect Cleanse Nourishing Cleansing Oil
Packed with omegas 6 and 9, jojoba, and meadowfoam, water magically turns it into a milk. Vegans rejoice: It’s made with all natural plant oils. 

Origins Checks and Balances Frothy Face Wash
Balances dry and oily skin with broad leaf kelp extract that discourages excess oil and wheat protein that protects dry areas. Aromatic bergamot, spearmint, and lavender add a fragrant touch.  

Philosophy Purity Made Simple 
This award-winning bestseller is a perfect one-step facial wash that also tones and hydrates skin. Bonus: You can use it to clean your makeup brushes. 

Fresh Soy Face Cleanser
This gentle gel is made with moisturizing soy protein and balancing rosewater, calming cucumber extract, and nutrient-rich borage seed oil for added benefits. 

Ole Henriksen African Red Tea Foaming Cleanser
Loaded with antioxidants, vitamin C, borage seed oil, and energizing citrus extracts, it’s no surprise this one has also racked up awards. 

GLAMGLOW POWERMUD Dualcleanse Treatment
Transforms from a mud to an oil for both a pore detox and a thorough cleanse. 

Algenist Genius Ultimate Anti-Aging Melting Cleanser
Formulated with Alguronic Acid and microalgae oil, it melts into a silky oil to lift makeup, then a milk that cleanses without drying. 

boscia Tsubaki Oil-Infused Exfoliating Powder
Removes debris and oil from pores, all while providing long-term deep hydration and antiaging benefits. 

boscia Mini Konjac Cleansing Sponge
You can use this gentle, pH-balanced sponge to exfoliate anywhere—even the delicate undereye area. 

Along with exploring the myriad formats and textures, you can also play around with different combinations. Pair a makeup remover with an exfoliator. Mix a cleansing oil with a powder to scrub and hydrate in one step. Want to supercharge your favorite? Anything can be amplified with the cleansing sponge. The only rule is to have fun and customize your cleanse exactly to your liking.  


My first post at makeup-n00b (thank you mklutz for letting me in 8D) will be on Tony Moly’s DEEP Cleansing Foam. It’s 150mL for $7, and each time you use about a quarter-sized dollop. It’s a cleansing foam*** with a citrus-y scent and small beads that help exfoliate and deep clean your pores; rub gentle circles on your face until the beads disappear. I definitely prefer this to their Blackhead Out Oil Gel (their trademark EGG packaging!) because the oil gel is slimy and did not deliver the results I hoped for.

Any differences? I notice my skin feels a bit dry so I always moisturize after (which I will blog about later on!). It’s a lot milder than North American brand cleansers so you won’t feel that little (refreshing?) sting of chemicals. I prefer using this on days I dont wear make-up, or as a second-cleanser after I remove my make-up. There’s not a huge difference in my pores yet (I’m not even close to being finished with this tube!) but my skin feels lighter and can breathe easier, so I’m crossing fingers for a good long-term effect!

***You are supposed to use this after you’ve done your face wash but I use it like a face wash (sidenote: Korean skincare includes multi-steps daily, and I’m talking about 10-steps, so if that’s not your thing don’t worry, do as much or as little as you see fit).

Skincare for people with OILY skin!

Pictures were obtained from their respective websites and links are provided below.

Hey everyone!~ I recently received an Anon message regarding which products I would recommend for those with oily skin and are exposed to the sun and humidity. I realised that I haven’t really made a post on products suitable for oily skin, while I also have really oily skin! OTL Here are a few products that I use to help combat my oily skin without stripping the moisture from my face! ^_^ 


♥ Innisfree Green Tea Fresh Cream {click here!} ♥

I used this a few months ago and I really liked the gel texture. It was light and easy to spread! This is definitely more suitable for those with super oily skin as opposed to those with combination skin. Review coming soon~ 


♥ Innisfree Super Volcanic Pore Clay Mask {click here!} ♥

This is my ultimate HG in relation to wash-off masks! I have used the original and the Super version (as pictured) and I love them both! It really cleanses my skin after a week of wearing make-up. It definitely helps with oil control and cleansing my pores! There are various ways you can apply the mask to utilise the product to its full potential! 

Click here for the review!


♥ Innisfree Calming Bubble Cleanser {click here!} ♥

I bought this bubble cleanser while I was in Korea and fell in love instantly! It removes the oils from my face without stripping the moisture. After washing my face with this cleanser, my skin feels soft and smooth, as opposed to tight and squeaky (a feeling that I dislike). Review coming soon~


♥ Etude House Wonder Pore Freshner {click here!} ♥

This is my HG toner! It is easy for me to break out when I use different toners because my skin can be sensitive but I need a toner to wipe off all the gunk on my face and excess oils. This is made especially for those with oily skin and enlarged pores! 

Click here for the review!


♥ The Face Shop Sebum Control Moisture Sun {click here!} ♥

I am obsessed with sunscreen because I live in Australia (where the sun never really gives you a break). Having oily skin and wearing sunscreen can really increase my grease level by 100 folds. OTL Thankfully, I came across this sunscreen by The Face Shop that controls sebum while providing adequate moisture. I love how it makes me skin smooth and provides a semi-matte finish that is perfect as a make-up base! 

Click here for the review!

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Until next time, jst.hero <3


1- Brown sugar + milk = body exfoliator

2- Yogurt + honey = sensitive-skin and redness remedy

3- Safflower oil + sunflower oil = scalp treatment

4- Petroleum jelly + raw, unrefined sugar = lip scrub

5- A dash of salt + water = surf spray for hair

6- Rosewater + coconut milk = relaxing bath

7-Warmed-up olive oil = prewash treatment for hair

8- Green tea + water =  skin toner

9-  Lemon juice + chamomile tea = hair lightener

10- Epsom salt + almond oil + cinnamon oil + sandalwood oil + allspice oil = hand and foot scrub


The ABCs of a brilliant new cleanser.

“The secret to youthful skin starts with cleansing,” declares Tammy Yaiser, Product Formulator for Algenist. It’s not hard to see how this philosophy informed the new Genius Ultimate Anti-Aging Melting Cleanser, the latest addition to the brand’s Genius line. “The microalgae oil offers a cushioning effect to the skin,” describes Yaiser. “Day after day, skin feels toned, revitalized, and denser.” Along with delivering a luxurious texture that transforms from gel to oil to milk, the new facial wash not only cleanses and removes eye makeup with minimal rubbing, it also softens and defends against signs of aging. Below, we break down the basics of this busy cleanser. MELISSA LANE  

This innovative cleanser melts into a silky oil when applied dry, then turns into a milky emulsion when water is added. It imparts a distinctly sensorial experience that dissolves any trace of impurities or makeup, leaving skin clean and moisturized.

Apply dry to your face morning and night, gently massaging in circular motions. Smooth over your eye area to remove makeup, then apply water to transform the oil into a lightweight milk and rinse thoroughly.

While this gentle cleanser won’t strip your skin of its natural oils, it also doesn’t pull punches: It can remove the most stubborn mascara, and the brand’s proprietary alguronic acid and microalgae oil combine with bilberry seed oil, avocado oil, and olive oil for a powerful antiaging formula that leaves your complexion radiant.


My Skin Care Routine!

As a future esthetician, I’m already drilled with skin care questions - But most of them are about my very own regimen! In this post, I’ll show and describe the products I use and explain why I use them.

To start off, I want to point out that maintaining a healthy skincare routine is an investment. Many people choose to lean towards the cheaper, mass market products found on the shelves of local convenience stores. While those may produce fast results on the surface of the skin, majority of these people don’t understand the harm in these products. It’s all about ingredients, and again knowing your skin type! That being said, the better the ingredients + the higher concentration of these ingredients = the higher the price.

Here’s the breakdown of MY routine:

Makeup Removal - Organic Coconut Oil ($8.00)
Of course, this step is only included in my night time ritual. Removing your makeup is a major part of keeping your skin healthy. Think about it: Makeup covers the skin for hours on a daily basis. If you make a habit of hopping into bed with a full face on, you’re pretty much asking for clogged pores, dull looking complexion, and breakouts. Makeup also attracts and binds free radicals to the skin throughout the duration of product use which eventually lead to the breakdown of vital proteins found within the skin.

(Note: Really any type of oil will work to remove makeup quickly and effectively. Even stubborn eye makeup!)

Cleanser - Purity by Philosophy 16 fl. oz. ($11.00 - $44.00)
The main purpose of cleanser is just that - to cleanse. This takes care of removing all of the left over dirt and debris from the course of the day. It also preps for daily/overnight product penetration. A tip to know whether your cleanser is doing more harm than good is to check for tightness after using the product. If your skin feels tight and REALLY clean, it’s time to upgrade. This feeling is the destruction of the acid mantle (the layer of natural oils that help fight bacteria and keep the pH at a normal level.) Your skin should feel clean, but also soft and supple after cleansing. The one thing I advise to anyone who asks, is to avoid bar soap and foaming products. The reason being, they will above all, dry out the skin and remove any beneficial oils from the skin leaving it vulnerable to bacteria and toxins.

Purity by Philosophy is a great product - It comes in a bunch of different sizes, and it’s a 4 in 1 product! Who doesn’t love that? Not only will it cleanse the face, but it will remove makeup, tone the skin, and hydrate. It’s a creamy consistency, smells great and lasts a really long time.

(Note: Stay tuned for an upcoming posts all about cleansers!)

Toner - Facial Spray with Aloe, Herbs and Rosewaer by Mario Badescu ($7.00 - $12.00)
Since I technically have toner built into my cleanser, I use this facial spray by Mario Badescu to help with hydration and to feel a little more refreshed throughout the day. In general, toners are products made to bring your skin back to the correct pH after cleansing, and also remove any left over debris. This is probably the only step I would say it’s alright to skip as long as you’re following all the other steps.

Exfoliant - Dark Angels by Lush ($13.00 - $32.00)
Exfoliation should only be done 1-3 times weekly, depending on skin type. I personally have combination normal to oily skin and exfoliate twice a week. The reason we should exfoliate so sparingly is because it’s purpose is to remove dead skin cells from the surface, to reveal newer skin. If we over exfoliate, we run the risk of damaging the newer skin. Another major point to take away from this is without regular exfoliation, dead skin will build up, making it harder and harder for any other products to do their job properly.

Now that I’m in esthetics school, I rarely have to exfoliate on my own time due to the fact that we are each other’s guinea pigs, but I do still love this product and I even use it on my body, too! It’s main ingredients are black sugar, charcoal and rhassoul mud.

Lip Exfoliant - Lip Exfoliator Stick by ELF ($3.00)
This is totally optional, but I know my lips get dry, chapped and cracked in the winter. This just helps to smooth out the lips and make hydrating them a lot easier.

Serum - ThirstyMud Hydrating Treatment by GlamGlow ($20.00 - $70.00)
Technically this product is more of a mask, however I use it as a hydrating serum. I do my best to drink enough water, but during these harsh winter months here in Massachusetts (especially lately… thanks Juno) I’ll use all the help I can get. A serum’s job is to target a specific skincare concern, as they are usually highly concentrated products and are used regularly. This step gets the OK to skip, granted you do not have any specific skincare concerns such as dehydration, pigmentation issues, fine lines and wrinkles, etc.

Eye Cream - Origins GinZing Eye Cream ($30.00) / Bobbi Brown Extra Repair Cream ($70.00)

I believe anyone over the age of 18 should be using an eye cream as a preventative measure. Think of eye creams as more concentrated moisturizers for the delicate skin around the eyes. Generally they are aimed towards a more specific issue within the eye area, but they are very important in the fight against fine lines and wrinkles.

***I do not have a picture of my moisturizer since it is a school product**

Moisturizer - Calendula Skin Repair Cream
If there’s one thing I want you to take away from this post, it’s that oily skins need moisture too! If you’re oily and “hate feeling greasy” chances are, you’re using the wrong moisturizer. Moisturizers do just that - moisturize. After all of this cleansing, toning, exfoliating etc. we need to rejuvenate the skin and put some moisture back into it. Another great thing moisturizers do for us is protects are skin from anything harsh that may come our way - especially the cold air. This is a step you absolutely cannot skip, otherwise the rest of the regimen would be pointless!

Angels On Bare Skin. A staff and customer favourite around the world (not just in Portsmouth & Southsea 😊) This incredibly gentle cleanser is made from 100% natural ingredients. Inspired by a mediaeval recipe and topped off with lavender flowers, this contains kaolin to absorb grease and dirt, leaving skin clean and nourished. Lavender oil and rose absolute calm the skin. #whatsinsidecounts #freshmatters #handmade #lushuk #lushie #cleanser #skincare #lushskincare #natural #love #musthave #bbloggers #vloggers #beautybloggers #instalush #lushaddict #angelsonbareskin #portsmouth #southsea #today #saturday