Got a lot done on the living room today, and even started on my fantasy #cleaningcloset / #stockpile. I was so tired when I got home from work, but it felt great to be able to unpack, organize, clean up, and make this place more like a home. A functional, domestic, mildly obsessive home. 😉 I’ve always been a home body and I always will - so I’m glad I can take a lot of pleasure in having a well-maintained home. #thankful #organization #organized #homeorganization #cleaning #happy

Cleaning out my closet?

     So I’m cleaning out my closet on Friday. 

          I’ve never cleaned out my closet. Ever. I’m a pack rat. I have things, stupid things, I’ve kept forever just because I remember exactly when I acquired them, who I was with, and what that moment meant to me. The symptoms of a future hoarder. Lmao, anyway. I’m going to try and donate a ton of clothes I don’t wear, and just keep the clothes I wear… Also get rid of things I’m keeping, just to keep. I mean, when you can’t hold onto a feeling, a moment, or even a memory, you need to reach out to the material things right? I’ve tried in the past to do this task, I’ll be embarking on this Friday, I’ve failed in the past… Maybe now I’ll be able to move on from things that have been out of my control for way too long… that includes fashion moments, trends, and the fact I haven’t been a size 0 since 8th grade. Sigh.

Eminem, move me.

One of my intentions for the month is to shed “stuff” by editing my possessions. Of course I started with my closet. This dress is one I no longer wear, but since I have good memories wearing it, it’s hard to let it go. Tell me I’m not the only one who gets sentimental about clothes. (Should I save it for my daughters??) #clothes #selfie #minimalize #cleaningclosets #fashion #style