I finished my assignment, hardcore cleaned, and ran 1 ridiculously sweaty mile.

Cool story, right? At least I did something that got me moving and now our place is pretty clean! I didn’t wash my hair when I showered so I’m more motivated to run tomorrow morning. Don’t judge me. I know I’m not the only one with this mindset. 

I am totally an adult

My parents are visiting my apartment for the first time in like three years, so we spent half the day cleaning, but have ostentatiously left all the clean dishes in the drying rack so that I can be all like “sorry we didn’t clean up, you guys don’t mind do you?”

(and obviously, hid my increasingly massive library of sex work related books.)

Looking for help with typesetting /cleaning of SNK doujin / comics

Over the past few months I’ve been going through my translations folder and have finished the bulk of the translations I started  / still wanted to do but unfortunately I have absolutely no time to clean and typeset them (also, I hate typesetting). The majority of the strips are Eruri, but there’s some gen / crack stuff too. I have lots and lots of short ones (1-5 page strips, 4koma etc.) a few longer ones and 3 complete series (Itoshi no kujira series by A / Cowards series by A / Amayadori series by Chupiarare; all are between 50~100+ pages). All the translations are done and ready for typesetting / cleaning. If you’re interested please check the info under the cut for details and contact me through tumblr (further communication will go through email). Experience is preferred but not madatory. For the shorter strips I’d prefer if one person does both cleaning and typesetting but in case you just want to do cleaning OR typesetting I’d put you on one of the series because cleaning & typesetting those is way too much work for a single person IMO. (It’s perfectly fine if you just want to work on one part / chunk and not the whole series!) In case I can’t find anyone interested I’ll upload the raws + translations to LJ someday. If you’re interested in seeing those series and the other stuff scanlated but don’t have time to help out, please reblog if you don’t mind. (I’ll be really grateful for any help at all even if it’s just a handful of pages!)

(If you’re interested in helping out with typesetting and / or cleaning please check under the cut for details) Try number 2 as the first one hardly got any response.

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Our bathroom has no drawers so our stuff tends to pile up on the counters. Snapped yesterday and did this, as well as sweeping/mopping and 3 loads of laundry. Paying for it today, my back is killing me. Still, it’s nice to walk in and it’s all picked up!

Craft closet - unfucked! \o/

Today was my ‘bitches get shit done’ day.  So I got a couple things mended, got laundry done (and the dry stuff put away) and finally got into my craft closet.

It was pretty bad. 

It only took a few 20s.  I think.  I wasn’t really keeping track, honestly, because my sister and niece were over so I was visiting in-between cleaning.

Yay!  I can get in it now! And use my desk! 

There’s still a bit of work to be done - the shelves, omg - but I can get into it and use it, and that’s the most important thing.