This will show up in my upcoming laundry guide, but I didn’t want to wait to share this amazing resource. The University of Illinois Extension has put together a database of stain removal techniques for clothing, upholstery, and carpet. Just click the image of whatever shit you spilled on yourself and they’ll tell you how to take care of your hideous mistakes.

This app might be helpful for those of us who have trouble cleaning etc — it’s called the Real Simple Checklist and it comes preloaded with a bunch of lists. the one I submitted will probably be the most useful but theres lists for everything from “get out of debt” to “moving” to “new cat owners”. its more or less woman-oriented — well, think of the general readership of real simple magazine, haha. a few checklists are free & the rest are $3. it’s just nice to have big overarching tasks broken up for me instead of having to do it myself, you know?

That’s great. Thank you so, so much, jlr7245! I wish there were an Android version. Could you get on that, realsimplepromotions? My brother and I would buy, like, all the lists.


10 Printables To Get You Organized

Get ready to get organized this spring season. Its never to late to start getting organized around the house. Click on over to these 10 Printables To Get You Organized and start printing because they are perfect way to get everything around the house ready for another spring and summer season. Enjoy!

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