I have a pretty small bedroom, and and it gets so messy. so quickly. I just cleaned it last week, but it was already time to really go through and unfuck my habitat again.





I got a desk pretty recently, and I was hoping it would be a huge boost to my productivity. It turns out that unless I’m ~really~ diligent, it turns into a giant place to put shit. It wasn’t nearly as bad to clean as I expected it to be though. Mostly just a bunch of little crap that needed to go back to it’s home.



So here’s the thing. I really like washing my laundry, but I really can’t stand putting it away. So what always ends up happening is I leave my basket full of clean laundry, and all of my dirty laundry pools around it. Really, I just took my clean clothes on the bed (see below) and collected all of my dirty clothes in there. 




This. Just. Ugh. This section of my room is a lesson in putting my damn things away when I’m done with them. Most of the things on my dresser seriously needed to move like five inches back into their original spot, and I have no idea why I wouldn’t do that right away. There was like a weird layer of paper and plastic scraps under my clothes on the floor?? 




The top picture is the result of dumping all the shit from my laundry basket onto the bed. Putting those clothes away took up about 15 minutes of a 20/10, which seems a bit ridiculous. Other than that, I changed my sheets. But more importantly, I MADE MY BED. I never, ever make my bed, mostly because I just turn turn my blankets into a giant pile of blankets as soon as I crawl in at night. It looks nice though?? So maybe I’ll keep it up??

I’m really skeptical of how long my room will stay like this, but I always feel so nice when it’s all clean. The whole thing took exactly three 20/10 sessions, which really isn’t too bad.


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This is nerd GOLD, people. Use it in good health. -ts

Editor’s Note: Sorry for the sudden Rebel Wilson gif swap. I need her for something else. Stay tuned. She’ll be back. -ts

Just Ten Bags of Garbage

Despite my best efforts, a themed “Just Ten” update is going to have to wait. A few weeks of illness, depression, and vacation had combined to result in an unforgivably filthy living space.

In short, it seemed irresponsible to worry about how many old cell phones I need when there were literal piles of garbage surrounding my desk. Here are some desperately embarrassing before-and-afters. I share these publicly in the hope that I will have too much shame to let it get this bad again. Also, I think this can help give you some context as to why I launched this blog in the first place.

This kind of mess is a symptom of long-running cluttering habits. Be it books, clothes, gadgets, or phone bills, things have a tendency to pile up around here.

Kitchen - Before


Kitchen - After


I cannot tell you how many coffee mugs I scrubbed clean. Notice the lack of clutter on the breakfast nook - even though this wasn’t a standard declutter day, I did find several canisters, measuring cups, and cleaning supplies for the donate box.

Downstairs - Before


Downstairs - After


Cleaning up downstairs was mostly an issue of putting things away. You never know when a maintenance guy or Mormon is going to pop their head in the door to say ‘Hello,’ so I always tried to stay more on top of things. A lot of the trash was actually out of frame, piled on the floor next to the kitchen, where the trash can occasionally resides.

Upstairs - Before


Upstairs - After


Still need to vacuum, and I didn’t make the bed (Sorry, UFYH), but I did collect 4 loads of laundry, 133 plastic bottles to recycle, and another 5 coffee mugs that missed the initial dish run. The second story is still a mess of collectibles and old video game consoles, but that’s an update for another day.

All told, I boxed up around 13 more things for charity, threw out over 10 bags of trash, and spent a total of 7.5 hours cleaning and tidying. It was a long weekend, but time well spent, in my opinion.

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5 Life Hacks to Class Up Your Single Guy Apartment

#5. Manage Your Garbage

Remember, you’re living alone now, and your garbage doesn’t fill up as fast. Your garbage may only be half full, but still completely vile, much like the brain of Cracked’s own Felix Clay. So what can you do? Well, I guess you could throw away your garbage every day even though it’s only one-fifths full. Another idea is save those stupid little bags they give you at the drug store or convenience shop and use those as your garbage. You’ll fill them up daily and toss them daily. Or you can do what I do: keep smaller bags handy to toss the raw meat scraps, onions, garlic, and other stuff that rots and stinks, then tie those bags up and toss them into your larger garbage.

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Did some unfucking in the kitchen yesterday. Depression doesn’t really support my efforts of keeping the apartment clean, especially the dishes seem to be an unbearable obstacle these days.. Well, after getting some inspiration from ufyh, I finally did it. I also ended up organizing the closets around the sink, removed all the food that wasn’t alive anymore, and took the trash out. This morning I took all the dishes from the dryers and put them on their places. Feels great. Note: The after-photo still has my rubber gloves drying on the side of the sink, they’re not there anymore either. ;)