ok but michael seems like he’s kind of into all kinds of rock and if you had the same taste and favorite bands as him he’d be so happy bc he could finally talk to someone about music whose feet didn’t smell bad and didn’t have a penis and you two would just constantly jam out together to anything from pop punk to post hardcore to metal and everything in between and you’d always cuddle together while having earbuds in and just enjoy each other’s company while enjoying your favorite bands at the same time and just fall asleep with blink 182 in one ear and michael whispering sweet nothings into the other and wow I’m so emo over michael

Lunch 🍴
Warm Sweet Potato & Wilted Spinach Salad with Pecans, Lentils and an Orange, Paprika & Maple Dressing

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ok so you and ashton were probably best friends since you were in diapers and you didn’t know but ashton had a massive crush on you and one day you’d be out together and there’d be this rlly rlly hot guy and you wouldn’t be subtle about it at all and keep flirting with him and ashton would get rlly jealous and he seems like an angry kind of jealous so he’d storm off and you’d turn around and notice he left so you’d run after him and ask him what his problem was and he’d yell “MY PROBLEM IS THAT IM FUCKING IN LOVE WITH YOU”