No film about robots is complete without a peek at their true faces, without a peeling-back of synthetic flesh to reveal gaping eye sockets of polished chrome, Terminator-style. Ex Machina is no exception; Ava’s face is only a mask. But so is mine. And so is yours. We may not have chrome domes beneath our skin, but we’ve got skulls made of bone — and their bald mechanics, stripped from the humanizing nuances of expression, are just as horrifying.

I tried to kill myself the day that this picture was taken. Thankfully, I failed.


Please share widely and help us raise awareness for youth homelessness. Homeless kids look just like any other kid. Chances are, they’re hiding in plain sight, in your community and local schools. Our current clients were athletes and one was even student body president…and nobody knew their secret struggle.

There are over 1.2 million homeless students in American schools, and just 56,000 in American colleges. 90 percent of those students will never graduate.

Let them know there’s help. Be the one that changes everything for them.

-Jessica Sutherland
Creator, #HomelessToHoward
Co-Founder and President, Homeless to Higher Ed