I was gifted a really nice, quality 12” tall art mannequin a few years back, and was saving it for a special project. Finally I decided it was time to make something for fun in the middle of all the current chaos (good chaos!). This Arigo art doll’s feet, hands and head are all sculpted right over the mannequin itself, while his tail, wings and floof were made with felt and needle-felted wool. I sewed his pants as well, which is pretty exciting considering how awful I am at sewing XD Every joint remains totally pose-able, and his wings are as well! His tail can lay flat against his back or flop back against the ground if he’s sitting. Arigo can also stand without any weight issues making him wobbly, which was my major concern. Hooray!! 

This project really helped me get my groove back after a 3-week long, all-day-every-day needle-felting marathon! Having my little muse around sure helps :3c

I’m very tempted to try making a little stop-motion animation with him haha.

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Today the Department of Awesome Animal Hybrids explores the work of Italian artist Alessandro Gallo. He hand-sculpts wonderfully strange and unsettlingly realistic characters who are part human, part animal, usually dressed in everyday clothes and sometimes engaged is perfectly ordinary activities such as reading on a bench, playing the guitar or having a swing in a park.

"Expertly reproducing human and animal anatomy, Gallo blends the two to create convincing hybrids of man and beast. The works produce an almost eerie sense of unheimliche, as Freud put it: when the familiar becomes uncomfortably strange.”

Gallo just opened a solo exhibition of his newest series of hybrid figures on display at the Jonathan LeVine Gallery in New York. The show is entitled Strani Incontri, which is Italian for “Strange Encounters” and runs through October 4, 2014.

Visit Alessandro Gallo’s website to check out more of his fascinating sculptures.

[via Visual News and Hi-Fructose]


Fall 2014 Editors Pick
just opened:

 George Boorujy

The Arsenal Gallery, Central Park, NYC
(830 Fifth Avenue at 64th Street, Third Floor)

a collection of George Boorujy’s dynamic large-scale paintings of North American animals with disarmingly human characteristics, as well as a series of his preliminary clay models and drawings. Boorujy’s hyperrealistic drawings recall the scientific detail of James John Audubon; however he takes liberties with the composition of his subjects, which adds a surrealistic element to his work. He begins his process by creating clay models to achieve slightly fantastic compositions unseen in nature, but that at the same time seem plausible. His extremely detailed portraits are rendered in ink on white paper backgrounds and can measure up to eleven feet long. The scale, meticulous craftsmanship and limited context encourage viewers to pause and see the animals as they never have before. - thru Oct 25

Artist Talk: October 13, 6pm

read our 2012 interview with George Boorujy HERE

etsyfindoftheday 7 | 9.15.14

shop: kertis
style: small speckled stoneware planter

rounding out your extra shopstyle feature tonight is a totally different offering from kertis — be sure to click through and check out their small handmade pottery planters, including this little speckled beaut. i love them all! a BIG thank you to kertis for having such a delightful shop to focus on this evening <3