Illustrator Michael Hoeweler specializes in realistic sumi ink portraits he sometimes digitally colors, but that’s only a fraction of his talent. Whether it’s the skin of a celebrity or mango, he masterfully conveys the surface and weight of anything he renders. It’s no shock his list of clients seems to never end and is full of some of the biggest names out there. Although Michael is a very down to earth guy, his eye/hand coordination is on another planet. Keep reading to learn about his how his career took off in the city that never sleeps. Click here to read the interview.

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genderqueerdeer said:

i remember when i was like 10 me and my friend were really into warriors and we each had our own books full of clan info and i still have mine but our clans were literally so stupid our first and favorite one was ClawClan and almost all the warriors had claw for their suffix and the clan had two leaders because it was like a rebellion thing

at first i misread this and thought you said almost all the warriors had claw as their prefix and because -claw is a pretty common suffix i was just imagining a warrior named clawclaw and laughing really hard

Check out last friday’s interview with Jordan Jeffries:

"You’re in luck on this Friday the 13th, because today’s Artist Interview is with the astutely hilarious narrative illustrator and comic book artist, Jordan Jeffries. His work can be seen in Baltimore’s b City Paper, Philadelphia Weekly and a few collected short annuals."

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Be sure to check out Jordan’s work at our Launch Party on Oct. 12,2013.

Billy Norrby is one more reason the Swedes are the best. He’s also the living proof that you can do anything you set your mind and ambition to. Billy started out as a game designer in Stockholm, but within a few short years he became a painting master in NYC, without ever having painted in his life! His hyper-realistic style is reminiscent of the Neo-Raphaelites or John Singleton Copley’s famous painting of a man overboard about to be eaten by a shark, “Watson and the Shark”. All of his images depict the second right before or after some major shit went down. Ray sat down with Billy this week to talk about the creative process, moving to America, and how you never know how great you can be at something until you try.

- Shanon Weltman

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