It dawned on me at work today that the Keywork symbol as we know it is rather outdated. After Coheed (corrupted by the Monstar virus) cools off Star VII, Sector 12 is lost forever. This has been stuck in my head. I’ve alway wondered what Ryan’s propaganda posters, which painted Coheed and Cambria as terrorists, would looked like. Boredom and a 5-Hour Energy later… whipped this up really quick to quell my curiosity.

It’s easy to have a relationship and show each other only the beautiful shiny things. Sharing good parts about you is elementary, so finding a partner in life can’t be only about showcasing these agreeable characteristics, but also the less impressive ones. In a strange way, true intimacy lies in that dark side—in making peace with the fact that it lives inside you somewhere—so that you can share it with the person and they can be there to help you overcome it.
—  Claudio Sanchez