Todos los looks de Claudia Jiménez en el Lif Week Otoño Invierno 2014

La cuarta fecha del LIF Week Otoño Invierno 2014 mostró la ecléctica propuesta de Claudia Jimenez, quien mostró porque es una de las más reconocidas artistas del vestido de noche.

Con vestidos cortos y largos en toda su dimensión, la propuesta de Jimenez, mostró tules, tocados en el cabello y colores que flotaban entre el azul, el rojo y el negro.

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Colombia, one of the favourite destinations for mining enthusiasts, is struggling to keep its resources sector healthy, with about $7.3 billion of expected investments currently stalled due to delays in environmental approvals and decreased demand from overseas.

In an interview with local paper, Large Scale Mining Association representative, blamed regulatory holdups for the declining growth of the sector.

Colombia’s economy, mostly driven by oil and mining, grew 6.6% in 2011, but has steadily declined ever since. That’s partly because its biggest trading partners, mainly the US, are still on the way to a strong recovery.

But Jimenez —who represents 13 of the largest miners of Colombia, such as Cerrejon, Cerro Matoso, AngloGold Ashanti and Drummond— also thinks the decline is related to the lack of support for companies in the country. She told Vanguardia she hoped the situation would improve rather soon, as the country now has a National Mining Agency, created two years ago.

The Drummond effect

Some analysts believe the recent sanctions against US mining giant Drummond, which saw its coal shipments frozen in early January for not complying with a new environmental law, may damage Colombia’s embattled mining industry even further.

The firm, Colombia’s second largest coal producer, didn’t meet the government’s deadline for coal miners to build direct ship-loading facilities in their ports by Jan. 1 this year.

“Whilst Drummond clearly overestimated its position as a big contributor for the Colombian arks, the decision to put a stop to the operations is an economical hara-kiri and demands a careful analysis,” said OPHIR Mining, Resources & Investment earlier this month.

The experts think Drummond negligence could have been managed through sanctions that didn’t imply harming the economic chain, as it has happened because of the interruption of all of Drummond’s shipments, which are equivalent to a third of the total coal production in Colombia.

Over 4,000 jobs could face temporary suspension, but the government has warned Drummond that will not allow lay-offs as the company has had seven years to complete the upgrading.

by: Cecilia Jamasmie

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The Tips for Paris

Travel writing in this piece is presented at a different level. I decided to focus in my experience as a whole rather than the actual the place. I’ve been to Paris about three times in my life, and every time I go there I experience something fresh and new. Paris is unique and romantic in its own delicate way. This story portrays the lack of serenity I experienced when travelling with my friends to one of my favourite cities in the world. It was odd and unexpected, but in the end it turned out to be simply what we needed in order to know each other’s characters a bit better.

 As for the actual tips in the writing:

* Start with the End!! Give your audience a sense of time and place without an introduction located in the end of your story. This, of course meaning that you will picture the end of your journey/trip and make others visualise it with you.

* Rush and No Rush: As this was a fairly long piece, in which I tried to go by events day by day, I could not extend myself too much so I would not be loosing track of the actual problem in the story. This is why we should write in a way that we skip and rush in between some of the things we did, and go on to the next important event, always giving a sense of place and situation. 


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