Example of Star Trek Addressing Social Issues - Mental Illness 

This scene got me right in the gut when I first saw it. It was revealed earlier in the episode that Garak suffers from extreme claustrophobia, experiencing a severe attack just a few scenes before this one. I was already expecting Martok and Worf to dismiss Garak’s mental illness, especially because the Klingon Empire prides its people on physical strength. I was waiting for them to call him a coward, not “getting over it” like I’ve heard so many times in my own life about mental illness. But as seen above that’s not what happened, the exact opposite does. Its moments like this that make me love Star Trek, even for all its flaws. Sometimes I get to see past my conditioned reaction of the worst, and get to see the best in people instead.

TDLR; Star Trek may be about aliens in the future, but it connects to me on a human level - more than most modern shows do today. 

So today I think I just started to find myself.

Lately, I have been going through alot mentally, and I had no idea how to get out of my own head.
The only way I could describe it is, imagine youre in a see through tube just big enough for your body. Theres very little air and youre using it up. At first its like, oh my god please dont let me die! Please! Ill do anything. You feel yourself drifting away. Then suddenly the let in the huge rush of air. And youre really excited. And just as soon as you start breathing again right infront of you they kill your family member. You start going nuts and then realize youre running out of air again. Youre hysterical and confused and dying and then Bam! Theres the air again. Youre still hysterical but youre breathing. Then infront of youre eyes again they kill someone in your family. You start using up your air again but this time your begging them to let you die. You give up fighting and you just hope you run out of air before they give you more because you know what happens next.

Today I was in the shower and i was thinking about my troubles and then the wierdest thing happened. I just smiled and they all started to almost disintegrate. I became aware of my body and my skin and my thoughts started leaving my head. It literally felt like weight was being lifted out of my skull. All i could think about was me. And i was just smiling. And i think i may have found myself again.