questions the iliad is meant to inspire: 

  • how free are we really, as human beings, to make our own decisions?
  • where should the line be drawn between heroism and cruelty?
  • ought the quest for individual honor to be prioritized over the lives of others?

questions i have:

  • what accounts for the bro code dissonance of agamemnon stealing achilles’s girl when he’s literally leading an army in a war that was started because paris stole his brother’s girl?
  • is diomedes single?
  • to the nearest thousand, how many heart emojis would achilles text to patroclus in an average day if the technology were available?
An Unlucky Fisherman’s Sarcastic Dedication

Anthologia Palatina 6.24 (author and date unknown)

Note: The Syrian Goddess = Astarte.

In the entrance of this temple, Heliodorus
Dedicates to the Syrian Goddess this net,
Worn down in vain.  It is undefiled
By any catch of speared fish,
But he dragged in much seaweed within it
By the seashore with its fine anchorages!

Δαίμονι τῇ Συρίῃ τὸ μάτην τριβὲν Ἡλιόδωρος
  δίκτυον ἐν νηοῦ τοῦδ’ ἔθετο προπύλοις.
ἁγνὸν ἀπ’ ἰχθυβόλου θήρας τόδε, πολλὰ δ’ ἐν αὐτῷ
  φυκί’ ἐπ’ εὐόρμων εἵλκυσεν αἰγιαλῶν. 

Hawaiian Fisherman, Charles W. Bartlett, 1917

May Book Photo Challenge- Day 22: Classic

Definitely Pride and Prejudice. Unfortunately, I didn’t read it when it was assigned in school, but I’ve read it twice since then.

And look at these editions! Sterling Classic Lines editions illustrated by Sara Singh.