Two Corinthian helmets. Archaic Greek, 7th-6th century BC, made of bronze.

These helmets, and other like them, are often referred to as "Corinthian" because they is worn by the goddess Athena on Corinthian coins. These masks pretty well cover the entire head, with only the eyes and mouth left exposed.

The second helmet shown has been distorted -as many of those dedicated at sanctuaries were. The Walters give the following description:

This piece of armor is an element of the hoplite’s panoply, which also included a breastplate, greaves, shield, spear, and sword. The nose-guard and cheekpieces of the undecorated, crestless Corinthian helmet left only the eyes and mouth of its wearer exposed. The small holes around the edge of the helmet anchored a leather lining that would have been sewn inside the helmet. This was the most common form of helmet among hoplites. This helmet may have been “killed,” or rendered unusable, by bending the cheekpieces outward. This type of distortion is common among helmets dedicated in sanctuaries.

Courtesy of & can be viewed at the Walters Art Museum, Baltimore. Via their online collections54.230354.2304.

Wine and Song for the God of the Sea

Horace, Odes 3.28

Notes: The festal day of Neptune was July 23.  “Bibulus”: consul alongside Julius Caesar in 59 BCE; Horace puns on the meaning of his cognomen (“Drunkard”).

What would I rather do on Neptune’s festal day?
Quickly, Lydus – bring out the Caecuban wine from its store
And bring force to bear against wisdom’s fortress.
You perceive that the mid-day sun is sinking,
And yet, as if the flying day were standing still,
You scruple to snatch from the cupboard
The hesitant amphora of wine from Bibulus’ consulship.
We shall sing in turn of Neptune
And of the Nereids with their green hair;
You shall sing in response, to the curved lyre’s sound,
Of Latona and the arrows of swift Cynthia;
And in the last song, we shall tell of her who holds
Cnidus and the shining Cyclades, the goddess
Who visits Paphos with her yoke-team of swans.
Night, too, will be told of with a well-deserved song.

    Festo quid potius die
Neptuni faciam? Prome reconditum,
    Lyde, strenua Caecubum
munitaeque adhibe vim sapientiae.
    Inclinare meridiem
sentis ac, veluti stet volucris dies,
    parcis deripere horreo
cessantem Bibuli consulis amphoram.
    Nos cantabimus invicem
Neptunum et viridis Nereidum comas,
    tu curua recines lyra
Latonam et celeris spicula Cynthiae;
    summo carmine, quae Cnidon
fulgentisque tenet Cycladas et Paphum
    iunctis visit oloribus;
dicetur merita Nox quoque nenia.

Neptune Offers Gifts to the City of Venice, Giovanni Battista Tiepolo, between 1748 and 1750

the thing is, I’m so invested in a Trojan War modern!AU, like sure, it’s The Song of Achilles, but it’s also the entire epic cycle

…I’m mostly trying to figure out how to deal with the whole age thing, because I deeply care about Iphigenia being friends with Achilles (I can cite Euripides on this shit it’s as canon as it gets), but also all the shenanigans that go down with Aga-fuckboy. Also Hector being literally the best person in the world. Also Cassandra! She’s definitely the “ditzy blonde” no one takes seriously and is hurting so bad because of it, but finds a way to stay strong, probably alongside Helen, who has definitely weaponized her femininity.

And Orestes and Pylades and Elektra? I just love them all? So much? Like I can see the Agamemnon-Clytemnestra family shit show going down like, Agamemnon is a gross user, and tries some shit with Iphigenia, who runs away, Clytemnestra, who dearly loved her eldest daughter, kind of sank into dark revenge mode and neglected her children. Orestes ends up going to boarding school. Eventually Clytemnestra fucks up Agamemnon, kind of Mal-from-Inception style, and thinks it’s all good, she’s fine now. But here comes Orestes, of age, petitioning to become Elektra’s legal guardian because both his parents are insane.

Oh! How do we throw Telemachus in the mix? Has such a daddy complex it’s insane, he and Elektra have that in common. He’s that guy who doesn’t have a major but is taking every class under the sun and acing all of them and being proud sure but more generally confused. Odysseus wants to spoil him but Telemachus is just sort of immune to spoiling? He’s just like “Sure a sports car is cool and everything but I don’t have a license? Dad?” And Penelope tries to pretend she’s worried but secretly she and Odysseus are like, “Damn right our boy’s a genius, he literally shouldn’t even choose, everyone will come begging for him muahahahahah.”

Hi my name is Achilles and I have long blond hair that reaches my mid back and sea blue eyes like limpid tears and a lot of people tell me I look like almighty Zeus (AN: if u don’t know who he is get da hell out of here!). I’m not related to him but I wish I was because he’s a major fucking hottie. I’m a demi-god but my teeth are straight and white. I’m also a prince, and I’m in a war against Troy where I’m in my tenth year. I’m a warrior (in case you couldn’t tell) and I mostly wear my armour. I was walking outside my tent and Agamemnon stared at me. I stuck up my middle finger at him.
—  The Iliad