Eris; Goddess of Chaos, Discord, Strife 

"To one place Eris drew them all, the fearful Battle-queen, beheld of none, but cloaked in clouds blood-raining: on she stalked swelling the mighty roar of battle, now rushed through Troy’s squadrons, through Akhaia’s now; Phobos and Deimos still waited on her steps to make their father’s [Ares’] sister glorious. From small to huge that Fury’s stature grew; her arms of adamant were blood-besprent, the deadly lance she brandished reached the sky. Earth quaked beneath her feet: dread blasts of fire flamed from her mouth: her voice pealed thunder-like kindling strong men. Swift closed the fronts of fight drawn by a dread Power to the mighty work.” Quintus Smyrnaeus, Fall of Troy 10. 51 ff

 Eris was more than the party-crashing deviant of the Gods—-
She was Zeus and Hera’s agent amongst mortals & Gods alike, taking on internal affairs that no goodly or light-baring God would dare go. (Though she was hated all the same.) She brought martial Strife and Discord by order of Hera when a couple boasted they were better married than the Godly rulers. She dissolved partnerships between kings and contracts of all kinds.
She brought labors and Strife onto heros like Herakles. She traveled to all battle sites and inspired warriors to stir when they were deadened by politics and rule, breaking into rebellious Chaos. She is said to be the creator of the daemons kept in Pandora’s box, released out into the world to dirty mortal existence. Because no love would be hers, but she would create Discord instead. Ares was her twin brother, and she was faithful to him alone. All war was started by her strategy and glare; her frame would begin delicate and small, and as the war raged on, she grew in size, destruction, and terror—-fed by her brother [Ares] and sister [Enyo] and their minions’ workings.

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