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A Tomb-Statue of a Lion Speaks

Anthologia Palatina 7.426 = Antipater of Sidon (2nd half of 2nd cent. BCE)

“Tell me, o lion, you slayer of cattle,
Who is the dead man whose tomb you bestride?
Who was the one thought to be worthy of your virtue?”
“Teleutias it was, the son of Theodorus,
Who was much the bravest and finest of men,
As I am judged to be the bravest of beasts.
It’s not in vain that I stand here- no,
I display a token of the might of the man;
For toward his enemies he was nothing less than a lion.”

Εἰπέ, λέον, φθιμένοιο τίνος τάφον ἀμφιβέβηκας,
  βουφάγε; τίς τᾶς σᾶς ἄξιος ἦν ἀρετᾶς; —
„Υἱὸς Θευδώροιο Τελευτίας, ὃς μέγα πάντων
  φέρτερος ἦν, θηρῶν ὅσσον ἐγὼ κέκριμαι.
οὐχὶ μάταν ἕστακα, φέρω δέ τι σύμβολον ἀλκᾶς
ἀνέρος· ἦν γὰρ δὴ δυσμενέεσσι λέων.“

The British Lion (Repose), Géza Vastagh, 1899


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