Love the cliffhanger of episode 3/opening of episode 4. Barbara is being held at knife point, meanwhile Susan, the Doctor and Ping Cho are looking for her in the caves. Then the eyes move on the wall painting and Susan let’s out this wonderful piercing scream ‘THEY MOVED!” Props to Carole Ann Ford for making it look and sound so terrifying. Kind of wish we could see the Doctor’s reaction to this. But we like how you really get a sense of danger, mystery and genuine fear, also it seems kind of supernatural. You really get the impression that what they’re doing is filled with danger at every turn, and you really worry about the characters during this story. 

Also really enjoy the story that Marco tells them earlier in the serial about how the paintings represent the faces of 250 evil men who once lived there. Very creepy!!

Thirty Days of Big Finish - Day 5: Favourite Fifth Doctor story

"The Game"

A tremendously ambitious episode, with a huge cast of characters, a massive scale, intense plot developments every few minutes, and a time-twisting story that’s right up there with season 6 of the TV series. William Russell gives an amazing performance as a character who… well, I won’t spoil a thing, but let’s just say I wasn’t sure whether to cheer or to cry by the end. An absolute tour de force by an author who had never even touched Doctor Who before and who managed to create one of my favourite stories in the entire franchise. 

A few other wonderful Fivey stories: "Iterations Of I", "Sock Pig", "The Kingmaker".