In My First Semester of College I...
  • Took 16.5 worth of classes and got all A’s and B’s for a cumulative GPA of 3.7
  • Played on my college’s NCAA Division III women’s tennis team as a starting player and organized the team’s senior day ceremony
  • Managed not one, but two work study jobs, one of which landed me in charge of running the college’s social media accounts (an ongoing project)
  • Became my class’s treasurer
  • Was a model for my college’s fall recruitment campaign, which got me my own billboard on a main highway and a video interview on the school’s website (x)
  • Fit in a boyfriend, a normal social life, and even time to go out to parties (a little partying does not and will not make you a degenerate or bad person, I promise)

Moral of the story?

Challenge yourself. Push yourself. You have NO IDEA how much you can be.

Yeah okay, maybe it’s bad that I wanna get drunk off my ass to forget all the people who left me.

Yeah okay, maybe it’s bad that I hurt myself to forget about being yelled at by my parents everyday.

Yeah okay, maybe it’s not the best choice to bullshit through school and skip classes sometimes.

Yeah okay, self destructive behavior isn’t the best way to solve my problems.

But it sure as hell doesn’t make me a bad person.

—  sadness is eating me alive but that’s okay (via kiss-my-bumper-peasant)
  • Nico Di Angelo:Don't talk to my sister that way!
  • Me:*dreams about future literature classes where teacher explains how important is the character of Bianca for Nico because she's the one he mentions in his first spoken sentence, and her death symbolizes the end of his childhood just like the meeting of Reyna, Jason, Hazel and Will symbolizes the start of his happiness.*
  • Me:*Sighs*

When the school year starts I really, legitimately, wholeheartedly try to pay attention and retain as much information as I can. I’m super stoked to be learning and like how cool is it that I can take all these amazing classes about science and art and technology and literature for free. I’m ready to take on the world and prepare for a life of learning, and I honestly think to myself that I could do great things. But then we start turning in assignments. Classes become less about learning and more about retention. For as much work as I put into my lessons, the grades sure as hell don’t reflect it. I realize I’m a number, just one student out of the 2,500. They’re weeding out the weak. I am the weak. I can’t keep up with all of the work. My health is shot to hell from the caffeine and the sleepless nights and the aspirin and the irregular eating habits. I stop learning and background researching and begin to desperately memorize. Whatever it takes to save my grade. Whatever it takes to save myself. Everything’s a formula for an A now. In one ear, out the next the minute after each and every quiz and test and final. There are so many of them. Every week, every day, and every month for years. I am a scantron. I am trying. I care.  Nobody seems to want to listen to what I have to offer. They keep telling me I have nothing to offer. With every number that falls, so does my self worth, my health, my literal sanity. They tell me to appreciate my free public education because right now I do not. Because I am not working hard enough. They tell me I’m selfish and narrow minded. Millions of kids wish they could have a chance at decent public school. And so I tell them. Please. Please be careful what you wish for. 

Most common quadrant problems for each class and why

Seer- Fear of abandonment or rejection

A seer’s gut is like a computer, evaluating every option before deciding on the right course of action. They are not prone to make choice’s with great risks unless absolutely necessary. This makes them very prone to re-living bad scenarios rather than good when romance is involved. Sometimes causing them to fake returned feelings out of a fear of loss or chosing a quadrant that feels less volatile and safe too them than the one they truly want.

How to fix it?

Confronting the seer about passive-agressive/strange behavior as soon as it comes up and the self growth enough to be honest with themselves from the seer’s side.

Mage- Acting too quickly 

Mages are sort of like active seers. They feel then do. They skip the analyze step. This can lead to accidentally ending up in relationships in the wrong quadrant as their feelings might be better suited for example pale rather than red or ashen rather than pale. 

How to fix it?

Not rushing and taking your time and not being afraid to flip if it’s the best for both parties.

Witch- Lack of devotion

While witches often have been shown to be kind and loyal, they also have a flip-side which is that they do as they please. Always.This means that if hardship hits, a witch might not be too motivated to stay as they find it too annoying and would rather leave to greener pastures.

How to fix it?

Solid communication, being open and have a good way of solving conflicts.

Bard- Honesty

Let’s be honest, bard’s are not. Bards like to weave tales and make things out to be what they want them to be, which does not represent the actual facts. They live in their own little world at times. They also have a tendency to be self-destructive which could be very dangerous combined with a tendency for manipulation of fact.

How to fix it?

The bard learning from the experience and coming back to earth or the partner learning to see things from an other perspective/read between the lines.

Page- Obliviousness

Pages have a long way to go in any situation and usually they are not the most observant about things not directly related to their interests. Not because they don’t see, but because they don’t want to most of the time. This makes them oblivious to other’s but also their own emotions. 

How to fix?

The partner learning to read the pages mood. Space, lots and lots of space for them to get their shit together at times when they are most confused.

Thief- Lack of empathy

Thieves are self-serving, there is no way around it. While they may act kind and sweet, they usually have an ulterior motive. It’s not that they don’t understand other people’s emotions, they just don’t FEEL other people’s emotion. (Think the difference between I feel ya and wow that sucks for you)

How to fix it?

The thief developing to understand other’s perils and growing less self-centered. The partner being patient and understanding of the others desires.

Rouge- Lack of self-love

Rouges are very kind individuals that prefer to think of everyone else’s needs before their own. If they feel them filling a quadrant would just beneficial for themselves or downright hurt someone else, they would rather suffer in silence.

How to fix it?

Showing the rouge that they have value of their own too, helping them learn about themselves.

Heir- Too intense/forceful

Heirs are their aspects and per definition intense. Romantically? Take that times ten. As long as they know what they want they’ll go get it even if it’s a person, even if that person is giving clear hints that they ARE NOT INTERESTED.

How to fix it?

Similar interests between the partners helps, but also for the heir to learn how to step outside their perspective for once.

Sylph- Too problem-oriented

The sylph class is a healing class and is therefore very focussed on problem-solving, this may cause them to overlook other people’s feelings for them in favor of fixing them or ending up in abusive relationships as they’ll try to fix someone who won’t change. They may also nitpick every single argument had and be bad at letting things go that they think ‘weren’t properly solved’.

How to fix it?

The sylph learning to let go and that things doesn’t always have to be good and when it isn’t, it isn’t always meant to be fixed. The partner being reassuring helps.

Maid- Being too passive

Maids are the ultimate serving class and therefore have a very rough time standing up for themselves and acting independently, which leads to many missed opportunities and possibly abusive relationships quadrant-wise.

How to fix it?

Maids working on their bravery, stepping outside of their comfort zone.

Knight- Insecurity and commitment 

Knights have a natural insecurity that can make them feel less than you deserve, less than anyone deserves. This can leave them scared to open up, scared to fail and foremost scared to commit, as they feel they’ll never live up to your expectations in the end. 

How to fix it?

Mutual trust and reassurance, as well as self-growth on the knight’s part.

Prince- Posessiveness and jealousy

A prince biggest weakness in romance is that they will put you on a pedestal (willingly or not) and make you will be the most treasured thing in their life. Why is this a weakness? because the prince can come to see you as an actual treasure, a thing and forget YOUR desires and need for interaction with others. They will then become super possessive and jealous, wanting to be with you always and making sure you are safe from other influences at all time.

How to fix it?

Having clear boundaries and the prince learning to control their emotions.