Brand New High-Res Artwork for Final Fantasy XIV: Heavensward’s Three New Jobs: Dark Knight, Astrologian, and Machinist

During the Final Fantasy XIV Fan Festival in Tokyo this weekend, series director Naoki Yoshida unveiled the reason why he was wearing that gold 007 shirt from the London Final Fantasy XIV Fan Festival and more. He unveiled a brand new Healer and DPS job and revealed that none of the jobs in Heavensward will require a base class. While that leaves many questions unanswered, such as whether or not these jobs will allow cross-class skills, it’s safe to say that the new jobs revealed will promise unique gameplay challenges and rotations that will sure differentiate them from the existing jobs. Final Fantasy XIV: Heavensward is scheduled to come out in Spring 2015.

We don’t teach math but we do teach

Honors English Muffins
Fizz Ed
Physics (of cutlery)
AP French Toast
Macro Eggonomics
Hupanities 101
Arts & Snacks



Sorry for the error and reblog, but someone pointed out we got the date completely wrong.  Saturday November 22nd is the correct day.  I am told CTN Expo is updating the sign up page to reflect this as well.

It’s that time of the year again! I’m teaching another class at CTN Animation Expo, 2014. This year I’ll be storyboarding LIVE in front of the students, using Toonboom’s Storyboard Pro! 

Class fee is $45

Click here for details: http://www.ctnanimationexpo.com/giancarlo-volpe

Although not required, I highly recommend viewing the storyboarding class I taught last year, as I’ll be building on a lot of principles I outlined then:


Please spread the word, and hope to see you there!

kayont0p asked:

I know I should know this since I've been following for so long, but do u teach any classes ? How can we make this happen?

No, I don’t teach any classes, online or off. My experience working in education has left me better positioned to show how professors can improve their undergrad classes by diversifying their curricula, although I think at this point, there’s enough knowledge amassed here to be a class on its own.

As far as new projects and more options, you can always become a Patron for a dollar, which is where I usually brainstorm new venues and projects for Medievalpoc. (And have to tell you, my Patrons have been utterly invaluable this week- there will an exciting announcement later today as a result!)

I think if stuff keeps going as well as it has been, a MOOC isn’t out of the question. It would have to get to the point where I could actually get some kind of staff for things, though, because at the moment I’m pretty much at my human limit for doing stuff.

blackandsugary asked:

Does anyone else ALWAYS want to learn the more as he can? I just want to watch all the interesting movies, and series, read all the books ,Lear how everything work, know how to do everything... For example this month I ask for my birthday Chinese lessons, I watch at least 1movie and episode everyday, read one book every week, learn python and C++ for create a robot really soon... I want to do so much things and it's seams like I don't have enough time, that really stressed me.

To me you sound like a typical INTJ who hasn’t been able to develop proper Fi yet. Your introverted feeling function helps you figure out which things are more important than others. Therefore you can get some kind of ranking and a clearer vision of your goals.

The constant strive for wanting to learn something new is a typical INTJ thing. INTJs are known for enjoying to take classes and find out more and more about topics which interest them. I’m sure that many INTJs out there can relate to this post.




Overwatch gameplay trailer

introducing all the classes

Why we all should attend our classes

Yeah, i’ve been there, and still, i love skipping classes. We all know how amazing it is, especially when you first get into college and skipping classes is no longer a “wrong” thing but something “normal”. I once thought “yeah i kno everybody says we shouldn’t skip classes but what the hell! All of my friends are skipping and the professor is boring so… why should i even attend the class!?”

Here is why.

  1. No matter how boring your professor is, he / she still talks about what you have to learn, and you actually need to learn those things.
  2. Okay, so I know they may read exactly what they have stated in the PowerPoint slides and handouts, but honestly, class is the time when it forces you to go through the information for an hour or two. And that is important because then you don’t have to sit down and study everything by yourself. 
  3. Yeah right somebody can record the class for you, or the professor may even upload the lecture online, but can you guarantee that you’re going to sit at home or your dorm and listen to the recordings of the lectures for hours? You may say yes at the moment, but trust me, this is never gonna work. We all should have the mindset that the recordings are for you to review things that you fail to understand during class!

I always make a ton of excuses whenever i don’t wanna go to class, and i totally regret it now. I literally have to sit down and listen to the recordings of the lectures for the whole day, while others have already listened to those way earlier and are currently reviewing their notes. So don’t make yourself regret! GO TO CLASS!!