Magic Words: Using Erotic Writing To Explore Your Hidden Sexuality And Spirituality

Wednesday, April 29, 6:30-8:30pm
$20 in advance, $25 at the door
1620 Polk St, San Francisco 94109

There are many ways to reach your inner sexual and spiritual self––but one of the most surprisingly powerful paths is through the written word. In this lecture/workshop, participants will hear how erotic writing (fiction as well non-fiction) can reach hidden places that often lay unexposed, help make personal discoveries and to assist in a personal journey of self and sensuality. Participants will learn how to free their erotic writing voices, how to develop their writing towards discovering the erotic spirits within, and when to silence––and when to listen to––the inner critic.


M.Christian has been an active participant in the San Francisco BDSM scene since 1988, and has been a featured presenter at the Northwest Leather Celebration, smOdyssey, the Center For Sex and Culture, The National Sexuality Symposium, San Francisco Sex Information, The Citadel, The Looking Glass, The Society of Janus, The Floating World, Winter Solstice, and lots of other venues. He has taught classes on everything from impact play, tit torture, bondage, how to write and sell erotica, polyamory, cupping, caning, and basic SM safety.

M.Christian is also a recognized master of BDSM erotica with more than 400 stories in such anthologies as Best American Erotica, Best Gay Erotica, Best Lesbian Erotica, Best Bisexual Erotica, Best Fetish Erotica, and many other anthologies, magazines, and other sites; editor of anthologies such as the Best S/M Erotica series, Pirate Booty, My Love For All That Is Bizarre: Sherlock Holmes Erotica, and more; the collections Dirty Words, The Bachelor Machine, Love Without Gun Control, Rude Mechanicals, and more; and the novels Running Dry, The Very Bloody Marys, Me2, Finger’s Breadth, Brushes, and Painted Doll. His site is

Hey Guys, Im teaching another term at CGMA! Sign ups are now open. Follow the link to register:

If class fills up you can sign up for the waiting list (people drop out from time to time).  There are two other awesome artists teaching with me (Miki Montillo and Richard Daskas). In their classes you’d see my recorded lectures but receive the live feedback from them. Sign up today!

“My alarm clock goes off at 6:00 sharp. By 6:05 I’m in the shower. And out by 6:15. By 6:30 I’m dressed and my hair is done. By 6:40 I’m trying to eat breakfast. By 6:55 I’m brushing my teeth. And by 7:00 I’m out the door and on my way to school. From 7:15-8:30 I’m finishing homework and studying for my classes in the library. From 8:35-3:05 I’m in the prison walls we call school. My brains scattered and confused filled with equations I have to remember. My day is filled with "you’ll need to know this for the test” “if you fail this you could fail my class” and “this project is worth a lot of points” it’s a continuous cycle of hearing kids say “I don’t care” “it doesn’t matter” and “I need to do this” “I need to pass” Walking down the hallways I see kids who look like zombies. I see kids hyped up on red bull or monster or whatever keeps them ‘going’ so they can make it through the school day. By 6th hour everyone has checked out and the worst part is there’s still 45 mins left of school. By 3:00 the teacher has stopped talking because no one is listening. They’re all too excited to get out of this place. But what slows them down is that by 3:15 they are home. And by 3:30 they’re leaving to get to their jobs that start at 3:45. And by 9:00 when they finally get off they just want to sleep. But they can’t because even though it’s now 11:50 they still have a essay to write for English and the draft is due tomorrow. By 2:00 we finally go to bed. And at 6:00 sharp, the alarm clock goes off. And we do it all over again.“
—  Day after day, it’s the same routine.

Can you make a game of thrones with me and Michael?


I don’t watch or know anything about Game of Throne so I’m sorry it’s kinda short.



Michael texts you during class because he wants to spend some alone time with you.

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“Learn some of these weaving techniques during 8 days of workshops during our 22 day tours or through a 3 weeks Internship with the artist.  For information please email us at info at 

In response to a question and because some of you might have the same one, there is no embroidery on Maximo’s work; it is all woven, even the 3D parts; there is some wrapping and supplementary warps but no embellishments, embroidery or otherwise, are added to the pieces.”

~via Puchka Peru Textile Tours, facebook