Black Women, Class and Poverty

Anonymous asked: I have a black woman as one of my protagonists and she was once the queen of an empire and killed a tyrant, but someone else (a white man) claimed that THEY were the one who killed him and so he took the throne away from her and demoted her to a low class citizen, and this is where the story actually starts; her in low class, him as king. I was wondering how people would feel if that’s how she was portrayed, but throughout the story she steadily progresses into a respected, powerful woman again?

I think that this is a very realistic plot because it happens all the time (well not necessarily the comeback bc we usually don’t get that opportunity, but the whole white men taking credit and status from black women is very real). 

Explore why people opt to believe the white man and not her. But writing a poor black character is always tricky, so stay away from harmful stereotypes in that regard. i.e. Don’t make her blackness the reason the people believe her to be poor rather than a former royal. 

In your case, you also have to stay away from the “uppity negro” stereotype. Don’t make her look down upon the poor, feel like she’s better than them or have her distance herself from them. Try to find a balance. 

~ Mod Brei

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