im just saying i love crossovers <333

Finished Tyrion Lannister piece. Part of my new series, Thrones Nouveau. Stay tuned for more characters.

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gwydionae replied to your post “gwydionae answered your question:So I finally checked out the lineup…”

Good luck with your friends! While still fun alone, that really is the best way to go (unless you completely clash on fandoms and end up arguing, lol). Seeing the line up, I wish >I< could go, but 6 hours to get there is a bit much. XD

LOL I don’t think that would be a problem (though I might be the only one wanting to pursue the TMNT-related stuff). And I hear you on the driving up. (Though my brother and I do have a comfy couch in a DC apartment. Just saying.)

eyehealyou asked:

Omg hiiii :)) Can I just say that your last reply to the anon is just like MY OWN MIND. I was reading and I'm like YES YES YES to like everythinggggg. It's like so true and so on point and I love the words you use. I don't knw man. But THANK YOU. YOURE GREAT. I LOVE YOU T_T

Omg. I just saw this. >< I was busy working out hehehe. ;;;
But no problem love! I’m actually just starting to officially really get into bts (via my cousin sarangnae and her friend gabi-ttaemune and another friend hajimaknae….i love you idiots). And I just really feel…like disappointed and sad when I see a fandom clashing over small things that shouldn’t even become a big topic. I just naturally like to make peace… like all the time. But hey, it happens. I just wanted to speak up and say a bit, and hopefully not offend anyone.

Feel free to unfollow me I am a mess

thealmightypharaoh asked:

I once actually tried to come up with a way how she would fit into the timeline (because many people kept saying that it clashes), but really, the fandom doesn't care much about it...

Yeah; I know that Legends is officially non-canon, but the reactions I’ve seen to trying to fit Sonia in tend to be way nastier than necessary (like I said, sometimes even just drawing her is enough to set some people off).

My memory could be a bit faulty, but I’m not even sure how Sonia’s presence in the timeline “clashes” with much–there’s a long stretch of time between Leon and Trevor that’s not elaborated on; Alucard apparently seals himself off at the end (presumably sticking around long enough to father Trevor), but I don’t think it’s implausible that he’d briefly re-emerge since, yannow, Drac’s back.

 Maybe the issue is with Dracula being revived so soon, but after Ecclesia, you could justify that with Sonia’s lack of Tepes blood (Leon didn’t get to fight Mathias/Dracula, so who’s to say if his luck would’ve been any better).