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This is all my fault…

If Morgan is actually dead, it’s my fault…I should have been able to stop her…I wasn’t there for her. I’m so horrible, I’m so sorry Morgan…I’m so sorry…

ombreashton said:

First name: Kaitlyn Nickname: Cat. Age: 14 Gender: Female Nationality: American? BUT WE'RE BOTH IRISH. GINGERS 4 LIFE. Relationship status: Single Likes: Looking for Alaska and the motherfucking fox. Dislikes: White girls. Black girls who think their white. Random fact: You like the Beatles. BOOM.


In case anyone was wondering:

Morgan (claryvvayland) is going to the hospital because she swallowed pills and cut. She’s going to be okay (I hope), so if she isn’t on for the next few days, now you know why.

So guys, instead of sending her hate, do me a favor and send her love, okay? She really, really deserves it. She’s one of the most amazing people I know and I love her. Please?