Just to clarify

I can’t stop anyone from believing everyone everywhere was always white forever.

You want to believe this is a white guy?


Go for it! I can’t stop you.

I’m just saying you can read about it here on the University of Michigan’s site, and you can look at the geography involved in this map (from the link):


As you can see, they’re differentiating by religion, not race, because that’s what people cared about at that time. Religion was pretty much the most important category. Racial categories as they exist today did not exist then.

Basically what you’re seeing is a huge shift in populations moving around, people of many races, religions, and nationalities. Africans, Asians, Europeans, et cet.

If you prefer to believe that Christian=White, that there was no intermarriage or that there’s no difference in skin tones in this image of Ferdinand I of León and Castile, with wife Sancha (far left) and their daughter:


You can do that. I’m running a blog where we talk about how this stuff is left out of American History Education, where they teach European history as “our” history.

If you want to believe everyone ruling Spain from the beginning of time has been white, when the fact is, you’ll never read something from primary sources from the year 900 along the lines of “yes these people were definitely NOT white!” because whiteness didn’t exist yet, fine!

I just think it’s odd that you’re not angry with the American education system leaving out entire chunks of history because the people in it might be brown, you’re angry at me for daring to say that any of them might not be white.


I recently talked to two friends of mine about the MBTI and we realized that there are many websites and tumblr blogs giving wrong impressions about types. It’s getting a lot better lately but when I got into this Myers Briggs thing, information was messy. In many cases the only thing explained and mentioned were the stereotypical, perfected types. And the main descriptions are still describing well balanced types functionwise. Sometimes there are strengths and weaknesses mentioned which can show some kind of variety in personality but those perfected types cause struggles because there appear to be something one can not connect with and this sometimes leads to doubt whether or not this is truly ones personality type…

After thinking about all of this (especially about the misunderstandings of the MBTI), I decided to make a kind of clarification post. And this is going to be a long post. I’m not a total pro and I apologize for mistakes of mine but I tried to make this as easy understandable as possible.

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A Small Clarification about Short Stories

So, recently I said in response to a Tumblr ask that I wasn’t finished with “the short stories,” and a lot of people took that to mean that I was going to write short stories beyond the four stories about Four that are coming out later this year, and started suggesting things.

However, I meant that I’m not done writing the Four short stories (the ones you already know about). I am still working on those. I did not mean that I currently have any plans to work on any other short stories in the Divergent universe— I don’t.

I just don’t like for people to have expectations that may not be met based on some clumsy wording of mine, so I thought I would clarify!


This is the original screenshot of Tao’s Weibo Profile, unedited (translation in red are done by me). I initially didn’t want to post this as KrisKingdom has done it. But Tao’s fans crossed the line this time.

Tao liked TWO anti-WYF posts, and this is an action to encourage his fans to continue hating on WYF. Resulting in the actions of his fans today. 

Listen to what I am saying,

but listen especially
to what I’m not saying—

Of all the powers of love,
this: it is possible

to die; which means
it’s possible to live.

Now it is possible to die
without being mad or afraid.

—  Franz Wright, closing lines to “Clarification,” in The Beforelife: Poems (Alfred A. Knopf, 2001)

uh can i just clarify something?? ;o;

for that gif set, yixing was really drunk. lol i wasn’t joking TT-TT not like dead drunk tho just a little high and tipsy drunk. luhan brought china line for hotpot after winning the award and they drank. there were a few fan accounts here and there too. but basically yixing and luhan were accusing each other of being drunk when in actual fact both were already drunk lol.

but even so, yixing still went "eh???" when a fan called out for him at the hotpot place and immediately bowed to her. he was in a happy and excited mood as you can see from the gifs. lol there’s nothing wrong with drinking at his age~ he definitely had a good night and i’m glad he had a blast, ok!! 


Today I made a joke preview for Monsterkind’s update. I believe that it needs clarifying.

 I had a LOT of people accusing me/being worried I’d pull a ‘Tessa Stone’ and stop updating my comic after posting those Valentines. Not only is that completely rude to Tessa Stone, but it’s absolutely demeaning and unfair to me.

I know a lot of people who said it said it as a joke, but when you have several people making a post, making a tweet, writing a comment, sending an ask, etc. about “how scared they are” that I’ll just “up and quit” and “abandon my comic” is way more hurtful and damaging and not worth what little humor there is to the “Valentine comic abandonment” joke.

I’ve never said this publicly here because up until now I didn’t have such a hard time ignoring it, but I’ll go ahead and say it: I would very much like it if you guys would stop comparing me, my work, my work ethic, my production quality/speed, and my life to other comic artists/people.

Please stop asking if I’m drawing Homestuck characters in the backgrounds. Please stop telling me how worried you are that I’ll quit Monsterkind “like Tessa Stone quit Hanna’s Not a Boy’s Name”. Please understand that I am me. I’m not another person, my comic isn’t someone else’s comic, my work is my work. I do it all on my own.

I’m absolutely 100% okay with jokes about my comic and jokes with my characters crossing over to different fandoms, comic universes, and the like.

But I’m absolutely 100% not okay with having my work belittled or constantly compared to that of someone else’s.

Thank you,

Taylor C.

Important Clarification on "Discover the Dragon Age" ...again


I’m here to clear up the confusion over my original post, as well as the clarification post that I released last week from PAX East.

For reference, here are the two excerpts I wrote:

"Discover the Dragon Age" Original Panel Summary

Romances in Inquisition in Dragon Age* are not one in the same: some for affection, humor (like Varric buddying with you), or hate-fueled forbidden love (i.e rivalry love). Don’t worry, guys: you don’t need to romance in Inquisition. Just consider it an option. 

First Clarification Post

Question: “Anyway, I’m a little confused about the part where you mentioned the way DAI is handling romances. You said about Varric’s being humorous and being a buddy, was that just an example used based on the way the DA2 relationships worked? Or were they hinting that Varric might be romanceable?”

Not hinting Varric romance at all. The examples there are reasons why Hawke or the Warden romance (or rather, buddy up wtih) other characters: affection, humor (similarly to how buddy buddy Varric is with Hawke), or painstaking affection (rivalry). They were just examples used to preface what romances mean to people.

Now, it looks like another gaming journalist website missed out on the clarification post, because a few sites are speculating that there are only "affectionate romance, a rivalry-based forbidden romance, even a humorous romance" based off what I had originally wrote.

No, this is incorrect.

Those examples of romances are what we have already experienced in the past with Origins and 2, and examples of what we could experience in Inquisition. Anders was that forbidden romance, as he knew he would ruin Hawke’s life by rivaling the Templars and Chantry. Affection lies for many romances, like Alistair displaying his visible admiration through giving a rose to the Warden. (To further clarify, my Varric example does not pertain to an actual situation in Inquisition.)

Your possible relationships in Inquisition will vary, depending on character. However, your romance experiences will not fall under a numbered restriction of relationship conditions as simple as affection, humor, or rivalry. 

I apologize to those who were initially confused, as the original post did say “in Inquisition”. On Sunday, I did my best to clarify these statements in my additional post. However, other journalist sites are still claiming this error as recent as yesterday. As the original source of this information, I ask that you ignoreany claim from a site regarding this specific topic (unless Bioware). 

Thank you.

Because I saw luhanqt defaming Yifan’s fans saying that we are voting down on Luhan’s movie on Weibo and leaving negative comments. I want to clarify that, Yifan’s fans are not the one who started it.


This is a comment is made on 27th June. The comment is “disgusting”, and the person voted 1 point for SOWK, the lowest you can rate for the movie. 


Another comment “super lousy”, voted 1 point for SOWK. 


"The actors’ fans are of bad quality." Voted 1 point for SOWK. 

Now, let me show you the overall ratings for both Yifan’s and Luhan’s upcoming movie. 



8.8 and 9.9, do I still have to explain further? Who is the one getting more negative votes and comments. 

And not only for this vote, there’s another platform where we can rate for their movies. But yet Yifan’s movie is once again voted down, by the fans of all 11 members. This voting system goes by the number of stars 1-5. All translations are done by me. Look out for their comment and the date commented. 



And all these that I posted are not all. If you are still not convinced, I can provide more evidences. The motive of this is to not put hate on the members, I am just showing the actions of the fans. Because people always believe what they first heard. Accompanied by language barrier, many facts are twisted and modified. 

Don’t mistake the argument that men are the primary beneficiaries in patriarchy to mean that queer men, lower-to-middle class men, men of color, etc don’t endure severe backlash in Western/ized societies. It should be noted, however, that the backlash they endure is not one of sexism, but of classism, homophobia, racism (including xenophobia, eurocentric ethnocentrism and cultural whiteness, etc).


1st pic - Article that stated Yifan signed with Yuehwa Entertainment. Notice that the the source is from Sports World.

2nd pic - A k-fan posted on Weibo regarding the reputation of the reporter.

3rd pic - Article stated that Yifan and Xu Jinglei are dating. Notice that the source is once again from Sports World.

It seems that this is not the first time that this reporter helped SM spread false rumours in the k-media. But this time they took it to a whole new level where they even involved a Chinese director in their scheme. This is too much.

cr. 吴亦凡的洋气隆咚锵咚锵


A few weeks ago, our guest host and veteran local reporter, Dave Davies, interviewed Pennsylvanian Republican State Rep. Daryl Metcalfe, prime sponsor of the state’s voter ID law, which is now under court challenge.

Here’s an update from Dave:

When I asked Metcalfe if he believed that in-person voter fraud was really occurring in the state, he said it was, and cited the case of another legislator who’d said in floor debate that his vote had been stolen by someone who went to his polling location and voted in his place.

After the interview I called the lawmaker Metcalfe mentioned, State Rep. Bernie O’Neill. It eventually emerged that his vote hadn’t been stolen, and he’d felt pressured into exaggerating his story by Republicans anxious to get the voter ID law passed.

You can read more on Dave’s blog here and then here. And you can listen to the Fresh Air interview with Metcalfe and read the clarification posted on NPR.

Explanation and Analysis #1: Celtic Shoe Design

Perhaps my favorite design from the “Walk Through Art History” collection of shoes is the Celtic design. As a few have pointed out in reblog comments (yes, I read those), Celtic is a very broad term. Due to the vagueness of such a term, I will specify which cultures and styles I referenced in the design of the shoe.

One of the most striking aspects of this shoe, even to me, is the amount of detail put into it. I cannot tell you how many times I yelled profane things and felt anxious about outlining the details in pen. I drew this detail to achieve the effect of gold cloisonné – a technique in which partitions are made with narrow metal strips soldered edge-up and filled with enamel or gems. Such techniques were prominent in art of the Germanic peoples in the “Animal Style”. 

As defined in Gardner’s Art Through the Ages:

Animal style is a generic term for the characteristic ornamentation of artifacts worn and carried by nomadic peoples who, for almost two millennia, moved restlessly to and fro across the vast, open grasslands that stretch from China into western Europe.

I specifically referenced two famous pieces created in the animal style within the design of the heel and platform. In fact, these sections of the shoe are an almost direct translation of said artifacts in the shape of a vertical heel and a round platform. 

The first of these pieces is the impossibly intricate Purse Cover from the Sutton Hoo ship burial. This artifact contains animal motifs reminiscent of Mesopotamian and Egyptian art. Interlace patterns, commonly found throughout Celtic art, can also be found in the piece. 

Another artifact that influenced the design of the heel was a round Frankish fibula containing more geometric designs.

As for the upper portion of the shoe, an almost entirely separate form of Celtic art is referenced. Celtic knots, a generic term for delicate interlacing patterns, were adapted as decoration for a variety of Christian monuments. A simple interlace element made of gold snakes around the side of the shoe, serving to link the Frankish portion of the shoe (also containing knot patterns) to the simpler, knotted half. The part of the shoe that actually covers the foot would be made out of a reinforced green velvet in another interlace pattern. 

An obvious challenge in the process of designing a shoe that is supposed to represent a specific art historical time period is the process of discernment. In designing this shoe, I had to find elements of Celtic art that would readily be adapted to the form of a shoe and thoughtfully translate them to the tricky shape of a heel, platform, and a bent foot. In this way, it was necessary to take some artistic license to make an aesthetically pleasing design with some degree of historical accuracy.

It is crucial to recognize that the purpose of this design (and the rest of the collection, for this matter) was to create a high heel design that fused high fashion and relatively tricky art historical cultures. This shoe would likely break if it were made to my specifications because of the softness of gold, but this shoe is intended to be looked at–not worn. 

I sincerely hope that is explanation has been helpful and somewhat enlightening as to why I designed these shoes the way I did. Thank you all for the incredible response! I will be posting a post of this nature for each design in the collection.

Many thanks,

Nick Adelman (Yung Vermeer)


I never understood
The words ‘making love’
I suppose that is because
I have always been fucked
Don’t misunderstand me
I like being fucked
Quite a bit actually
Fucked hard, bent over, tied up,
Hand around my throat,
Slap on my ass and cunt
But you spoke to me with your words
You made love to me with each one
Each stanza, syllable, metaphor
So it is alright for you to fuck me now

© tish cotham

im a mess of fandom blogging and real world awful shit blogging at the moment

please don’t think i’m trivializing what happened by mixing in helpful posts with my regular fandom crap because i’m not oh my god i wouldn’t do that

Asking what things mean

 Sometimes people say abstract things that aren’t very comprehensible.

Sometimes this is because they are assuming background knowledge you don’t have.

Sometimes this is because they’re referencing something complicated, and not being clear.

Sometimes this is because they aren’t actually saying much, and are using convoluted words to sound like they are.

It is possible to ask for clarification, but not directly. You can’t say “Did you actually say anything?” But you can often get clarification with one of these kinds of questions:

  • That sounds really interesting, can you say more about it?
  • I’m not sure I understood, can you give me an example?
  • That concept sounds really great, but I’m not sure I quite got it — how does that work in concrete terms?

This frames things as you listening, wanting to understand, and asking for their help in understanding. (Which is in fact what you are doing, even if you suspect that they aren’t saying much.) This usually doesn’t offend anyone, because people like to be understood.

(That said, people do sometimes take offense, and if they start to take offense, back off right away rather than trying to explain the intent of your question. It won’t help.)