Hannibal - AU

AU: A redheaded trainee begins to study The Minnesota Shrike’s case. And although investigations have ceased, Clarice Starling makes some alarming progresses that lead her to question just what Hannibal Lecter’s part in the team is.

Fannibal Here!

Fan of the Hannibal!

How can you not fall for the psycho behind this face? And not just this one either. 

^^^That one too^^^

I’m enjoying the Grannibals (WillxHannibal) out there a great deal, but I have a confession. From reading the books… This is the only ship that I can honestly say makes me feel like a giddy school girl inside for the beautiful monster that is Hannibal the Cannibal.


It is a gorgeously fangirl like pairing that also happens to be wonderously canon. I love you Thomas Harris. When I first read their scene together with the wine… I squealed.