God never seizes to amaze me. never. In my darkest hour, my brightest days, it’s like He’s constantly reminding me “I am here. Do not be afraid.”

I can only wish that for everyone. That everyone could feel His presence the way I do- the way millions of people do.

I look at the world around me. The way the leaves change, the way the sun sets, the sound of the rain falling, the abundance of goodness in the world. I can’t help but think, “He’s real. He’s so incredibly real.”

Yes of course there is bad in the world, but He gave humanity free will. And as for the uncontrollable events, it is wasteful to dwell on the ‘whys’. Why did this happen, why is this the way it is? For our time on this earth, our experience of this life, we do not know, and we cannot know until we return Home to Him. He knows better than any of us.(see Proverbs 3:5-6)

I think that’s what makes the Christian faith so strong; the not knowing much for sure, but BELIEVING anyways.

He is so real & so divine. I wish everyone could see Him the way I do.

I feel like after almost every social encounter I just want to yell “no wait come back, I swear to God I’m not awkward I just didn’t know what was going on”.

I need to work on that.

Spring Break

Though my original intentions for my week in Florida were to party and do things I wouldn’t usually do, that didn’t exactly go as planned. And while it probably would have been as fun had I been able to do that, I’m not bothered that I spent most of my vacation thinking. I know what I want now, but I think most importantly I’ve learned (though not through experience) that I can’t save being spontaneous for a specific time that is generally acknowledged as the appropriate time to do so, i.e. Spring Break. I read a lot over break, and I’ve taken things from characters in books that I haven’t really been able to understand anywhere else. Things like being more outgoing and instinctive, and definitely, DEFINITELY valuing my friends more. I mean truly, I am so blessed with so many incredible friends, and I think I should appreciate them much more. But anyways, I think that’s the sign of a good book, and a talented author; to be able to write something that influences or expands another person’s perspective. Someday I hope I’ll be able to do something like that. Not necessarily through writing, perhaps a different medium, but I think that expanding someone’s perspective is one of the greatest gifts people can give to one another.

So yeah, spring break 2013.

Sorry for the lengthy philosophical post. I just had to write all of this out.