Forever by Your Side, Tomoyo/Sunohara fanfiction. Rated K+

Youhei Sunohara is never successful when it comes to girls, but there could be one exception - IF he cleans up his act. It takes Sunohara a while to realise that Tomoyo Sakagami is the girl that he truly loves, but she doesn’t return his feelings, as to her he’s just the persistent stalker proclaiming his fictitious love. But maybe, just maybe… maybe she’s wrong?

Chapter One

'Home run!' Youhei Sunohara exclaimed as he stood triumphantly in front of Tomoyo Sakagami on the first day back at school. Tomoyo tilted her head at the boy and looked over at Tomoya Okazaki, Sunohara's best friend, raising one eyebrow as she did so.

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Anime/Rap Mash-up Mix

Dont Say Lazy - K On Feat.Dr Dre, Snoop Dogg, The Champs & Beyonce | Swimming Inside Pools - Chuunibyou X Kendrick Lamar | Platinum Level Circulation - Avicii X Tsukihi Araragi X Nadeko Sengoku | Uragiri no Yuuyake - Durarara!! Vs. Jay Z| Blumenkanye - Kanye West Vs. Hiroyuki Sawano | Seikan Therapy - Macross Frontier X Robin Thicke | Dou Kangaetemo Watashi Wa Warukunai - Watamote X Usher | Diamonds Are Forever - Kanye West Vs. K On! | Synchro’gin - Galilei Donna X D’angelo | Pre Habits - Toradora! X Maxwell | Holozzz - Nichijou X Bon Iver | Like I Love Iu Toori - TheTatami Galaxy X Justin Timberlake | Coolish - Working!! | Dangomau5 Daikazoku - Deadmau5 X Clannad | Consolation Presents - Love Live! X Phoenix | Coloring 1 - Papa No Iu Koto O Kikinasai! X Interpol | Renai Circulation - Tupac

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