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Que por cierto es muy hermosa la historia, te llega a todo el corazón y asi…

y bueno, en el chat salió la idea de hacer que Willy fuere yo y Samuel fuere Alex, y seguir la historia asi, pero como somos bizarras tenemos otros puntos de vista(?

en fin, lo que dije no tiene sentido D: un besho dibujo echo a base de ideas de la Crew y de la historia de Ceci

besos z4.


So I made oc’s and shipped them instantly (please don’t judge haha) anyway, more about them under the cut

His name’s Alex Zachary Evans. His friends call him Alex. He’s 19 and lives in London. He’s kind of a geek. He’s into fandoms like Doctor Who and Harry Potter. He’s also very much into music so it just makes sense that he’s a “wizard rocker”. He plays mostly lead guitar (also sometimes the keyboards) in a band that solely plays and writes Harry Potter-related songs. His singing voice isn’t bad either. He’s very shy and reserved.

Her name’s Serenity Claire Campbell. Her friends call her Claire. She tells people (nicely) not to call her Serenity because she hates the name. She’s 18 years old. She was born in London but her family had to move to New York when she was 8 because of a business opportunity that her dad got. She’s 18 when her family came back to London after the business failed. She studies Fine Arts in a university in London and makes youtube vlogs in her spare time as a hobby. Unlike Alex, she’s doesn’t have a problem expressing herself so she’s very comfortable in front of a camera. She isn’t a famous youtuber (YET, she says) but she really enjoys it.

Here’s their story so far. They were next-door neighbors ever since they were born. Their families were very close. They played together as kids. Claire played a little too rough and teased Alex but he was fine with it. She was his first crush. When Claire’s family got back to London, they were invited by Alex’s family for dinner. There, they were reintroduced by Alex’s mom. (it went a little like this: “Alex, you remember Claire? You two used to play together as kids! blah blah blah”) Alex, naturally, never forgot and his stomach did a somersault when he learned that Claire remembered him too. They talked all evening (well, Claire, mostly) It was finally time for Claire’s family to leave. He really wanted to ask her out but he just couldn’t find the right words. “Claire? -er… do you… uhm… want to-” “Yeah, I’d love to go out with you,” she said with a smile. “Movies? This Saturday? Pick me up at 8.” How does she do it?, he thought. “B-but what movie should we watch? You told me earlier that you’ve watched every movie that’s worth watching in the theaters right now.” She giggled. “It’s not about the movie, silly.” He watched her running to catch up to her family as his fingers traced the spot on his cheek where she planted a kiss.

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I couldn’t help but wonder how the hell I made this girl go out with me. 

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I remember that one time when we were kids. It was two days before my birthday and she handed me a present. She told me not to open it without her and I had to wait until my birthday party. I obliged. My birthday came and it was the time I had to open my presents. She was nowhere to be found until her present was all that’s left. She came in the front door in a dress and she was wearing her hair in a braid that complemented her face. She apologized in front of everyone and found me staring at her, holding her present. She smiled. And that was the moment I realised I was attracted to her. She gave me my first Harry Potter book. 

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15. A romantic night out

Clay walked up to Alex and scratched the back of his neck nervously. Why did Raimundo tell him that he could do this? It was too late to back out now. Taking a deep breath, Clay said, “Uh, h-hey, Alex. I know we’ve only known each other for about a week or so now, b-but uh… Would you… Would you like to go on a date with me?” Clays face was beet red as he looked down at his twiddling thumbs.



"Please, Clay," he heard her say.  "Please don’t drag this out any more than you already have."

Hearing her say those words, Clay couldn’t help but think about the months that had passed.  He could still recall the moment that he had found out that Alex had been working with the Order of the Phoenix.  No, not working with… she’d been a member.  And while her cause was noble, it had put Clay in a very awkward position.  He was bound by duty to arrest her.  To bring her to justice because of the anti-vigilantism law that Minister von Holst had pushed through.  Honestly, it had been a bill that Clay could get behind.  It kept innocent citizens from putting themselves in harm’s way.  Yet, some of the language was too stringent.  And it clearly put people with a proper moral compass in the position of turning their back on those that needed their help.

He swallowed, amazed by how dry his mouth seemed.  ”Don’t worry,” he said finally.  ”I won’t.”  He could still feel some of the rain drops fall from his head and onto his shoulder.  Lifting his hand, he reached inside his coat and slowly pulled out a scroll.  He held it in his hand for a moment as he stared at it, and then finally looked up at Alex.  He could see the panicked look on her face.  He hated to put her through this.  He hated to be the one responsible for causing her any harm or panic, but there was no other way.  It had taken him months, but he was finally doing what he should have done from the beginning.

"Consider yourself served," said Clay.  He extended the scrolled document in Alex’s direction.  She simply stared at it for a few moments before slowly reaching out to take it into her hand.  He watched her hold it, almost as if she were waiting for it to vanish into thin air, but it didn’t.  It remained in her hand a cold reminder of what had come between them.  "I suppose you can think of it as a… plea deal.  It was the best that I could do… and probably should have done it sooner."

There was still a look of pain on her face, as she slowly broke the seal and began to unscroll the parchment.  It seemed to take ages, as if the moment were frozen in time.  And as he watched her, he saw the look of pain curl into one of confusion.  ”I… I don’t,” she began.  Her quizzical look left the parchment and then looked up at Clay.  ”Clay?  This… this is….”

"A petition for adoption," he finished.  Clay stood there watching Alex as her eyes returned to the parchment.  "I spent a lot of time thinking the last few months.  And I soon came to realize that it’s no longer about just me… but Clara as well.  The decisions… the choices I make have to be in her best interest, as well as my own."  Clay took a deep breath.  "I made the mistake of letting you walk out of my life once before.  I was foolish enough to walk away a second time.  And I’ll be damned if I’m ever going to make that mistake again."

Clay’s hands reached into his pocket once more and produced a small velvet box with an embroidered B upon it.  It was the traditional trademark of jewelry from Bukater’s in Hogsmeade.  Clay slowly lowered himself down to one knee in front of Alex.  As he stared up at her, he noticed the look of shock on her face, despite his declaration.  ”Alexandria Jade Pembrooke… I met you while staring into the heavens.  And everything I cherish in my life that has been touched by you has changed for the better.  In my darkest hours, you’re the light that guides me.  You’re the one thing that always make sense when my world turns upside down.  I could list a thousand reasons why this makes sense, and probably just as many why it doesn’t, but the one constant is that I love you, Alex.  From the moment you scolded me for touching your telescopes to now, and every day afterwards I know that’ll never change.”  He paused a moment and sighed before continuing on.  He’d put her through hell, and didn’t have the right to ask, but that did little to stop him from uttering the next words that left his mouth.

"Alex, will you marry me?"

"Of course he remembered her. How could he not? She was his best friend. He remembered how the two black hair clips she often wore above her left ear did nothing to tame her wild red hair. He remembered how she lost a tooth from a bicycle accident; how she used to tease him a lot and call him a dork and how he didn’t really mind. He remembered how she made him feel. Claire Campbell was the first girl to make him feel that way and he liked feeling that way, whatever it was.”

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my OC claire as a kid.
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