Puzzle Crossing-Animal Crossing x Professor Layton

This was a lot of fun to study upon and create!!!

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The children (Flora and Alphendi) of Prof. Layton have been playing too much Animal Crossing: New Leaf and pretty much imply of what they think of seeing in the Layton universe to the game. Heehehe. 

Extra picarats if you can tell the characters presented here. 

Prowlfessor Layton

Luke Flockton

Emmy Alpaca

Claire Doelly


p.s. any more suggestions for PL universe characters crossover Animal Crossing? 

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30 Days of Gaming: Favorite Couple [Day 7, Sept 17th]

Favorite gaming couple, omigosh can they make these questions ANY harder!?!? This was a tough choice, especially since I really don’t like many canon video game couples, so it was a tough choice between Link and Zelda and Claire and Hershel but eventually I went with Claire and Hershel because I just LOVE their story, it’s so heartwarming and yet heartbreaking, you really come to love these two together as their story progresses and oh how your heart aches for them at the end of their road Y_Y

Come game three of the Professor Layton series you pretty much think you’ll never know ANYTHING about Hershel’s personal life then BOOM, Claire falls into the picture and his whole backstory and the reason he is who is he today comes rushing at you and you realize like “Oh my gosh, she’s the reason he’s so flipping awesome at EVERYTHING” and then you realize what happens to their relationship and you’re like “awwww” and then the end of the game comes along and you’re like “OOOOHMYGOSHINFINITECREYS!!” and, well, you can just really easily and really quickly fall in love with them and I think they’re perfection :) you get smiles, tears and shock from their story so yeah, Hershel and Claire ftw