So, I just really wanted to talk about Claire Keane.

She is by far my inspiration. I’ve always kind of thought about doing character design, but after seeing her work and learning more about Claire, it’s become more of a dream. Because it isn’t just the fact that her art is beautiful, it’s her. She’s an everyday mom who doodles on scrap paper for her daughter’s lunchbox, but she still has such a privilege to work with Disney on certain movies. She just draws so freely, yet it still comes out beautiful each and every time.

Claire Keane, you are just so wow.
The best word for you is wow.

Name ten of your favorite fictional characters and tag ten people! I was tagged by the super biotictrash.

(The first ones I thought of!)

River Song (Doctor Who)

The Doctor (Doctor Who)

Miri (Princess Academy by Shannon Hale)

Yu Shu Lien (Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon)

Commander Shepard (Mass Effect)

Kaidan Alenko (Mass Effect)

Mara Jade Skywalker (Star Wars EU)

Rapunzel (Tangled)

Edward Bloom (Big Fish)

Elizabeth Bennett (Pride and Prejudice)

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5 things I like about myself

When you get this you have to say 5 positive facts about yourself publicly, then send this to 10 of your followers. I was tagged by brissie-swiftie and thisloveistaylorswift

1. I like my sarcastic sense of humour.

2. I like my realistic outlook on life

3. I like how much my drawing has improved

4. I like my strong legs

5. I like the way I subconsciously compile a ton of useless but interesting information 

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morbidlyobscene asked:

What artists have inspired or continue to inspire you the most?

Let’s break this up into not-on-tumblr and tumblr artists. These are artists who give me that insatiable need to create whenever I see their work.

Glen Keane, Renoir, Mucha, Jason Lutes, Bryan Konietzko + Mike DiMartino, Mary Blair, Hiromu Arakawa, Colleen Atwood, K. Lynn Smith

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1. waltkidney: kevu… the only person who loves httyd as much as i do and is also an amazing artist….. the sweetest boy in this world i lov u more than life

2. thehornymofo: MIKE!!! always has the best gossip and the only person whose snapchat story i will watch entirely…. i lov u okay you’re the funniest imo and also the most loyal mariah fan

3. hirohamada: andy….. concept art extraordinaire and my fave van gogh fan tbh… thanx for bringing so many aesthetically pleasing things into my life and also including colours in the cloud in every playlist

4. quietvillagers: kaitlyn!! i think you’re the only person who loves b&b more than i do?? you’re so NICE and thank you for being the only person who photographs that beautiful show….

5. claireonacloud: CLAIRE!!!! I LOV U AND YOUR ART…. can’t wait for once upon a cloud….. i lov ur family… keep doing ur thing….