I think that Moira SHOULDN’T be considered as Claire’s best friend. We all know that Sherry IS her best friend. She and Claire came through many difficulties in RE2/DC. In RE6 Sherry said that Claire is her closest friend.

I don’t think that Claire forgot time, when she met little Sherry. She decided to protect her in any case, so I don’t think that she choose other girl to being her best friend.

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Resident Evil: Revelations 2

My friend tag-redfield recently alerted me to the existance of upcoming Resident Evil: Revelations 2. I can’t play scary games for the life of me - I’m that person that watches you play and tries not to scream. Still, I really like the Resident Evil series, so when another one was announced starring the super excellent Claire Redfield, I was pretty excited.

Today Tag informed me that Moira Burton, daughter of Barry Burton, would be a new playable character alongside Claire. I like names - they’re a good way to indicate what kind of role and personality a character might have - so I looked up what Moira meant. According to the all-knowing wisdom of Google, Moira is derived from the Greek words for “fate/destiny” and (somewhat non-sequitur) “share”. But it also has Anglo-Saxon roots and means “bitter”. So, according to the Trin method of character analysis, Moira’s going to have to share in Claire’s destiny and she won’t be too happy about it. I probably wouldn’t be best pleased if someone told me I was going to be starring in a Resident Evil game, to be honest.

I say this to Tag, who immediately looks up if Burton has significance - and oh, it does, because the name Burton stems from “settlement near/in a castle”! Guess where the game looks like it might take place? Only the creepiest castle dungeon prison of all time.

To outdo this, I also look up Burton. Once again, Google doesn’t fail me: the ancestral motto of the Burton family is “Lux vitae”, or “The light is my guide”.

The meaning of Claire is “bright”. Interesting coincidence?

This concludes our Trin-talks-about-games broadcast.


GEEZ PEOPLE!!! I just cant believe how… stupid people is.

hopehavoccosplay, an AWESOME Claire Redfield cosplayer, is reciving “anon hate” (really cowards btw) because they think some other cosplayer is better… And i’m talking about Vicky’s fantards. 

COME ON!! Calling "a gross ugly lesbian" to a COSPLAYER is… the dumbest thing ever!! Or "Your blog isn’t good, you are Ugly, you will never be as awesome as this other cosplayer" etc, etc…

REALLY?? What will you get anons? Than Vicky praises you? That she “declares” you as her #1 fan? PLEASE BE INTELLIGENT. 

Also, you think Vicky is the “Best Claire Cosplayer”? FINE!! Let you tink WHATEVER you want, she’s NOT THE ONLY who can cosplay Claire, COME ON!! You are acting like Vicky’s the owner of this FICTIONAL CHARACTER and she’s the ONLY ONE who can cosplay her. Which i have some nwes: SHE’S NOT. Please anons, keep your praise to her AND STOP BEING ASSHOLES attacking other cosplayers.

Why at least dont you send your “hate” (which only makes you more stupid and shame) and face Hope? Cuz you are a bunch of COWARDS who Praise just one more cosplayer. GROW UP PEOPLE.



Claire Redfield is one of the few known people to have survived the destruction of Raccoon City in 1998. It was her first time to witness the effects that bioweapons can have on people. Following the incident, she joined a non-government organization, TerraSave, dedicated to helping victims of chemical and biological weapons. She travels to the world’s hotspots helping those who have suffered.