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best/worst blogs in your opinion?


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Name: cordon

Nickname: soggy
Birthday: july 22
Gender: M
Sexuality: straight but I do sus things sometimes alot

Height: 6’3
Time Zone: eastern
What time and date is it there: sept 13th  11:24pm

Average hours of sleep I get each night:  atleast 4 hours

The last thing I googled was: does changing my macbook hard drive void the warranty
My most used phrase(s): *laughs* (is laughing a phrase? i dont care)
First word that comes to mind:  ……

What I last said to a family member: ok

One place that makes me happy and why?: i dont think any place makes me genuinely happy, I guess its just who im around

How many blankets I sleep under: one

Favorite beverage(s): water, dr pepper, mango-pinapple smoothie

The last movie I watched in the cinema: toy story 3

Three things I can’t live without: iphone, wifi, charger (i was gonna say camera but the phone has a camera)

Something I plan on learning: how to cook, how  to code, more about photography and videography

A piece of advice for all my followers: do a good job and do yourself 

My blog(s): this one