When #jamaicans haffi tek one mean piece ah #shit. Bare #claat ! #bumboclaat

I have this theory.

Before you make a comment under this , remember what I said about my lacking of fucks when it comes to you running up your blood pressure and ranting on my text posts.

Remember when Laurent told that story about his most embarrassing moment being when he cried for a girl ? Cried on the floor in the bathroom and all that loveliness ?

What if ! That girl that made him cry was black and he was like yaow , man ” I swear of God , I’m sworn off black girls now ” ?? Just a thought. Cause I saw a comment which said he used to date black girls when he was in Paris back in the day. You know the good ol’ days before the whole Les Twins loveliness and the meeting of exotic women who look like escorts ? If so , then poor thing. If not , then like I said , it’s a thought. If you’re planning to come on this with some irrelevant nonsense , suck yuh mada in advance