Grave human rights violations have been committed during clashes in the Libyan cities of Tripoli and Benghazi, with disastrous consequences for civilians, a UN report said on Friday. The warning came from the UN mission in Tripoli (UNSMIL) and UN rights office only days after Libya’s outgoing government admitted from its safe refuge in the east that it has effectively lost control of the capital to armed militias. “Dozens of civilians were reportedly abducted in Tripoli and Benghazi solely for their actual or suspected tribal, family or religious affiliation, and have remained missing since the time of their abduction,” it said. The United Nations agencies appealed to all parties to prioritise the protection of civilians.
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Isaiah Rashad’s interview with the Fader.

TDE new comer performed at Fader’s West Coast magazine release party and sat down to talk about his upcoming tape, Civilia,being a new artist, and TDE’s CEO’s decision to pull Kendrick Lamar from GQ performance:

"As far as like the GQ cover, I had to go read it myself, afterwards. Like, I didn’t know anything about it—I didn’t know [Kendrick] made GQ of the year until like it happened. I hit him up when it happened like, Yo, congrats or whatever. I guess as far as the way they like personified the label or whatever, I definitely agree with Top on the decision to pull it. I agree with him. It isn’t the best personification of us right now. I don’t wanna like, be that guy, but I don’t like how black people are covered in the media period… I would think in 2013 going into 2014 with everything going along, it wouldn’t be so—people just wouldn’t say some of the things that they say. Like as an editor of some stuff, you should be wise enough or conscious enough about what’s going on, about whatever change that people want to put into place is supposed to be active, and you’re not supposed to let certain shit slide. As an editor, you’re supposed to recognize, you’re supposed to be the one to [say] this isn’t right, people are gonna be offended by this, people aren’t gonna like this. Especially if it’s like some public shit.”

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Il Comune di Cardano al Campo adotta “PagaSicuro”, la soluzione SaaS di Dedagroup che consente ai cittadini e alle imprese di effettuare in modo semplice e sicuro i pagamenti verso l’amministrazione comunale.

Isaiah Rashad Concert - at Trees in Dallas, Texas

I can’t even begin to describe how totally excellent Isaiah Rashad’s concert was last night. First of all, Trees is a small, intimate venue. It is my favorite place to see a show in Dallas because now matter where I stand, I feel close to the artist and the stage. The sound is great too.

Rashad put on one hell of a performance. He came out on to the stage slowly. He approached the edge of the stage, greeted the crowd, and let it rip. And when I say let it rip, I mean he got the crowd rockin’ with him from his first word. From there it was on. He went through his whole EP “Civilia Demo” ( and some mixtape songs. He was raw and energetic. He was smooth and melodic. He was live and in control. We were all captivated by his presence.

That performance was one of the best performance’s I’ve ever seen. There was not a crazy set. There was not a crazy hype man. It was just him, the DJ, and the crowd. Everyone who was there knew his music which made it even better. Shout out to my boy Will who came along. He’s a new fan and after two days of non-stop listening, he was elated to see Rashad. So was I.

Rashad gets the crowd going with his energy, moves, and mind-control-like MC skills. On stage he sounds as good as he does in the booth. He is polished. He takes what he does in the booth and turns it up on stage. He makes the show an experience. He made the show a place where I got lost in his music.

Thank God for people like Isaiah Rashad. His music goes deep. His lyricism has great range. It can touch your soul in so many ways.

To check out some of my photos and videos from the show, click here:

I had to rotate one video to make it fit. Dope little album.

Click below to listen to some of his music:

Thanks Isaiah. Come back to Dallas soon.

In the mean time, keep doing your thing and kill it out there bro.

'Til deaf.

- Mic