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DIGITAL ZOETROPE is an installation which Troika created for onedotzero when commissioned to design a custom installation and visual identity around the theme of the festival ‘Citystates’

”Being in a band, however, that’s the hard part. Managing personalities, scheduling time, dedicating oneself to one’s craft, pressing on when no one seems to care—that’s hard. Most groups simply dissolve when someone realizes that being in a rock group is a lot tougher than it sounds.” (City States)  

City States is a new band that my sister has found on twitter, I think their music is very intresting :) if you wanna know more about them this is their blog:

felixandthenightwatch said:

"So I leave my home citystate, my network of informants and people for two weeks or so, and by the time I begin to look into their recovery, someone else has already taken my place as their leader. Zaunite efficiency never surprises me. I assume you know who I am."


The spy master took a close study at the man, his ‘eye’ flickering at him in thought. He recognized him, but he had never met him before. “Felix Lester” He grins at him. “My old boss was rather keen on you.” His ‘eye’ scanned the man and flickered quietly. “I take it that you yourself are aware of who I am then?” He could only ponder at what business the operative wanted, but he was more curious as to what he knew

"Though I cant say I alone am the new leader in the Intelligence game. Runeterra is a pretty big place after all".

anonymous said:

A small fleet of ships bearing dark sails emerged in the light of dawn, tailing Felix's cruise to Bilgewater. The crew disembarked without affair, but he would notice them every so often. As his trip wore on, they became bold. From brushing shoulders to sidelong glares, every event led to something greater. It was only a matter of time before a climax was reached.

Felix had only been planning to stay for three days, in light of Blitzcrank’s public appearance. Both the ships and crew taking shape from the shadows bothered him. It set his mind off in a way that made it more difficult to think. While pressure did wonders upon the Soulstealer, the prospect of being visited by some kind of black angel of death really, really didn’t help.

Once again, Felix disliked himself. He had left Zaun and Piltover to travel to Bilgewater - without planning. He always planned excursions outside of Piltover and Zaun. He just didn’t know any other citystate as well and the one time he had forgotten to do so, he felt out of his depth with the development. He had attempted to note the number of crew, and memorize faces, but ultimately, a plan of action had eluded him.

Felix had also taken to only traveling at night, using his kit to quite literally stay out of sight of everyone and everything. He had already contacted others for help… The only person he’d received word from was Cheshire, and even then Cheshire had only agreed to helping if the danger of death became close to being reality. The Cat had said nothing about being maimed or other things, and Felix knew that meant that Cheshire would rather watch.

And it would be at night when he finally collected enough courage to attempt snooping around the dark-sailed ships themselves, a few hasty killings having refueled his kit to allow him to perhaps stay invisible for most of the night as he looked around and cautiously tried to gather what information he could.

The more the knew, the easier he could either leave, or confront whatever threat he was faced with. It was with those thoughts that he proceeded through the darkened streets and looked for a solution.

anonymous said:

Will Shurima once again stretch to the horizon? Will everyone know the name Shurima?

"All I ever wanted to do was kill my enemies and rule it. Azir’s the one who wants to expand his empire to the other city states. I myself know that it’s stupid and futile to attempt. As far as Shurima becoming a superpower akin to Demacia and Noxus? Who knows? We’re still a bit behind the other citystates in technology, even if we outnumber them in people."

Nationstates: Godvir

my RP citystate thing was called Archelaus, and so I made a Nationstates with it, and I just got this option for a dilemma:

”"No, no, no. It’s all too dangerous!" screams Klaus Utopia, dressed only in a cured Archedont hide. "Paper can be destroyed by fire or floods, and electronic copies are susceptible to viruses and hackers! There’s only one way to truly keep our records safe. We must rerecord them on stone tablets. Fire can’t destroy them, and I’d like to see someone hack a piece of granite!"

First of all, I always pick the most ridiculous option.  ALWAYS.  This is it.
Second, the leader of Archelaus (in the RPverse, not in Nationstates) is a dude named Klaus.
Third, the name of their timeline is the Utopian line.
Fourth, his concern over viruses and hackers corrupting files kind of mirrors the major occurrence in RPverse wherein someone put a virus into the digitally stored genetic files of all the special agents and select other citizens of note.  
The city itself has been burned down about fifty times in the past two hundred years, and it floods sometimes when the sewers get too clogged by the society living in them.

So… that was weird.  It would have been a little less weird if it had been a gay marriage issue or nuclear war or something.  But this particular one was a bit uncanny.

5 years ago, i once wrote a couple of lines which reflected how PM Lee guided the nation back on track after economic crisis.

5 years later, i wrote numerous useless captions and crafted messages which only served the internal system.

life is full of coincidence and imagination. the photo makes me feel that pmlee is the actual boss, and i truly wish i am the one responsible in writing those few sentences on social media.

leaders define value and create vision. unfortunately, our city and system are managed by followers.

passengers in hk can only enjoy a3 decent public transport system, but not good governance.

next year, singapore will celebrate its 50th birthday.

i wonder in 2047, when people looked back, will they still celebrate the 50th handover anniversary of hk ?

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